Using SD Cards

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=== Provided selections on the user card ===
* Bagpipe selections**6491 Amazing Grace (complete)**6492 Amazing Grace (March off) **6493 The Battle is Over **6494 Goin’ Home**6495 I’ll Fly Away
== Add your selections to the SD card ==
==== Format additional cards ====
Cards as large as 8GB have been tested to work with the system. The card should be formatted as FAT32 using your '''Windows PC'''. Insert a new card, right click, select Format, and verify that it is FAT32 and re-format if it is not.
If you Apple Mac computers no longer support erasing cards in the FAT32 format the . A Mac can add files to a card with that has been formatted on a Mac, erase it using '''MS-DOS (FAT)''' not ExFATPC.
=== Extract MP3 file from CD ===
There are many free solutions that can be downloaded from the internet. We have had success using a Windows program called CDex Version 1.79 (CD extraction). The official CDex website appeared to have been hijacked for a time. If you install downloads This can be downloaded from the new site, be careful to read all of the installation screens and avoid installing other software along with the product. We have experienced some issues with releases newer than 1.79. If you have experience problems downloading and getting the program to run, try downloading the stable old version from our [http://ezbellscdex.commu/dl Advanced Downloadsdownload CDex website] page. It works well with Windows 7.
==== CDex settings ====
=== MP3 file naming requirements ===
Copy the desired MP3 files to the card, and then rename the files so that they have numeric filenames from 6000-6499. Make sure each 6000 number used is unique on the card. The characters after the hyphen will be ignored by the carillon system. The 6000 number can be used for any four digit selection code in the automatic or manual modes. Example: original filename is birdsinging.mp3 Rename the file to 6234-birdsinging.mp3
=== Copy MP3 file to SD card ===
Use the Play Selections menu to test the selections you have copied. Whenever a four digit selection code is flashing, you can simply enter the 6000 number for the selection you want to play from the SD card.
== Management Suite Troubleshooting ==
Easier use Properly formatted MP3 files are required. You can check your file in Windows by right clicking it and selecting Properties. On the Details tab, scroll down and additional functionality can be experienced using check the SD card with file's bit rate under the Management Suite softwareAudio heading.
[[SD_card_titles_MS|Add SD titles]] to onscreen title catalog.Recommended encoding values: Sample Rate: 44100[[Music_librarian_MS|Add selections]] to random Grp9 playlist for scheduling. Bit Depth: 16 bit Bit Rate: 128 kbps
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