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These are typical audio systems that are added to an electronic carillon unit to complete a system.

inSpire Full Range Audio Systems

inSpire Ulitimate

inSpire Ascent

inSpire Fidelity

inSpire Performance

inSpire Premium

inSpire Professional

Community Outreach

Outreach Premium

  • Qty 1 Standard 370W Amplifier
    • Audio cable kit
    • Amplifier settings pre-configured
  • Qty 4 Premium long throw Horns
  • Qty 4 Premium horn drivers
  • Qty 1 Junction box and cover
    • Qty 4 SJTO driver pigtails with fork terminals installed
    • Brass set-screw wire nut kit
    • Screw Driver
  • 250 feet AWG 14-2 SJTO wire

Outreach Standard