SmartAlmanacTM is our unique and proprietary feature that integrates the music library into our ringing systems. Thirty years after Chime Master debuted this feature, we are still the only company offering true set-it-and-forget-it scheduling. Instead of scheduling specific songs or even seasonal music to play on certain dates, simply indicate at what times during the week you want music to play. The system will choose appropriate music for the current season from then on, every week, every season, every year.

SmartAlmanac's festival database includes either Western Gregorian or Eastern Orthodox holidays that move with Easter.

Music is grouped first into Sacred or Non-Sacred, then into Catholic, Protestant or Ecumenical, then into the appropriate season(s). When programming random selections, the user selects between Sacred and Non-Sacred. If the Marian season is enabled in the almanac setup menu, then Catholic selections play for the Sacred groups. When the Marian season is disabled, Protestant music will play.

Premium Management Suite support software allows you to configure your own personalized random play lists for each season. Simply drag and drop the music you want in the season's list or delete those you do not care to hear.

US Holidays

All Carillons have these Holidays set in their systems

US Patriotic

If Set with a "Yes" the carillon will play the appropriate random hymns on Independence Day (July 4) and Memorial Day (Last Monday of May)


If Set for "Yes" the system will play from Ash Wednesday until Good Friday. If OFF Good Friday is set to "No," Lenten music will continue through Holy Saturday.

Off Good Friday

If set with a "Yes" the carillon will not play random selections on Good Friday or Holy Saturday. However, other bells or specific hymns that are programmed will play.


If set with "Yes" the system will play from Easter Sunday until the end of the week, if Marian is also set it will play Easter hymns until the end of April.


If set with "Yes"; Marian hymns will play on August 15th, 22nd, December 8th and all of May.


If set with "Yes"; the system will play Thanksgiving Day and the previous Sunday hymns specific for Thanksgiving.


If set with "Yes"; the system will play Advent hymns starting on the first Sunday in Advent until date selected for "Christmas from". If this is on a disc carillon system Advent hymns will end on December 23rd.

Christmas from

The date Christmas starts can be selected from 12/1 to 12/24. If Advent was set to "Yes" then Christmas music will continue to play until January 5th. If Advent was set to "No", then Christmas music will end on December 26th.

Canadian Holidays

We can pre-program the following holidays for you using the Annual Event Scheduler.

Canada Day - July 1

1902 O Canada

1346 From Ocean Unto Ocean

Victoria Day - May 24

1131 God Save the Queen

Remembrance Day - November 11

1303 Eternal Father Strong to Save

1314 Abide With Me

1126 O God Our Help in Ages Past