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Depending on your user privileges, some of these buttons may be missing from your settings menu. Swipe up to scroll down to see all.


Buttons on the Settings screen

Set default volume levels
Wireless connection settings and network status
MIDI channel and transposition
Customize Home
Add and remove and change home menu buttons
Date and Time
Time zone and Auto Daylight settings
Lock screen preferences
User Profile
Change access PIN and menu background
Factory Reset
Reset all settings and go through the guided setup menus to setup the SmartAlmanac™ and scheduling
Clear Schedule
This option currently clears all scheduled events (subject to change)
Audition and select favored musical arrangement styles and instrumentation
Audition and select instrumentation for bell ringing
Revision and update information
QR code link to online manual
Credits, copyrights, licensing information and home page links for third party libraries and components