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The settings menu allow you to set preferences and features to match your congregation and time zone.

Time Strike Melody

Millennium carillons are not limited to the Westminster chime for clock striking. Use the pull down menu to select the melody you would like to use. If you select User Sel Strike, you can enter selection numbers into the four fields for each quarter. Any valid selection number will work. If you have the recording librarian, you can even play your own clock chiming melody on the keyboard.

Voicing Preferences

Set the musical voice for each arrangement style, clock striking and keyboard modes.

Edit Remote Buttons

When the system is in Standby mode (not playing, displaying the current time), buttons 1 through 8 can be programmed to manually trigger selections to play. Buttons 1 through 4 are available on the optional mini remote control. All eight buttons are available to the mobile app Church Bell Remote. In addition, all eight button programs correspond to macro codes 7901 through 7908. You can use these macro selection codes to schedule automatic play of the selections programmed in the buttons, including Annual Events and Non-Recurring Events.

Pull down the button code you wish to program F1 through F8 in the left field. After you have edited the changes, click Put Function into Device to transfer the settings to the carillon. Buttons 1 through 4’s four-character (short) name are displayed on the lower line of the carillon’s display. These can be edited in the field to the right of the button pull-down selector. The Church Bell Remote mobile app uses the first two characters of the button’s short name to determine which icon to display for the function. The Mobile App Label allows you to give the function a more meaningful long name that will display beneath the button in the mobile app.

Synchronize Clock

The internal carillon clock can be synchronized to internet timeservers using the time zone you set in Windows on the host computer. If the checkbox for Automatically Synchronize Date and Time is selected, the time will set every day if the Management Suite is running and left at the main menu. Manual synchronizing can be done by clicking the button on this settings tab. If your network does not access the Internet and you have your own time server, the Premium Management Suite’s Administrator options allow you to specify the time server’s address.

Seasonal Options

Use this panel to select the SmartAlmanac™ seasons you wish to use to automatically substitute seasonal music. In addition, you can select which music arrangements you would prefer the almanac to use when randomly selecting seasonal music on a Millennium carillon.

Unless otherwise indicated below, if you say No to a particular season then the system will continue to play non-seasonal music. Except for Patriotic, the settings only affect the sacred seasonal random groupings.

Make the settings described below then click the Put Seasonal Options in Device button to update the carillon.

Automatic Daylight Saving Time

Set this option to Yes if the system is to automatically set the clock forward and back for Daylight Saving Time.

Smart Almanac Settings

Use US Patriotic

If this option is set to Yes then the system will play patriotic music on Independence Day and Memorial Day (all seasonal groups).

Play Lenten

If this option is set to Yes then Lenten music for Grp1 and Grp3 selections will play from Ash Wednesday until Good Friday.

Off on Good Friday/Saturday

If this option is set to Yes then there will be no sacred seasonal music to play. If you have Grp1 or Grp3 selections programmed, the system will remain silent. If the option is set to No, the system will continue to play Lenten music on Good Friday and Holy Saturday.

Play Easter

If this option is set to Yes and the Marian season is also set to Yes then Easter music will play from Easter Sunday until the end of April. If Marian is set to No then Easter music only plays for one week.

Play Marian

If this option is set to Yes then:

  • Marian hymns will play August 15 and 22, December 8, and the entire month of May.
  • Catholic hymns will be selected for sacred music.

If this option is set to No then:

  • Non-seasonal music will play during the Marian seasons.
  • Protestant hymns will be selected for sacred music.

Play Thanksgiving

If this option is set to Yes then Thanksgiving music will play on the Sunday preceding Thanksgiving Day and again on Thanksgiving Day.

Play Advent

If this option is set to Yes then Advent hymns will play from the First Sunday in Advent until the Christmas start date set below. In addition, the Advent setting determines when the Christmas Season ends.

Yes – Christmas ends on January 5 (before Epiphany) No – Christmas ends on December 26.

Christmas Start Date

Christmas music cannot be disabled. Instead, the date Christmas music begins to play can be set from December 1 to December 24.

Arrangements enabled for SmartAlmanac

These additional settings are on the Seasonal Options tab. On Millennium and Platinum models you can choose the arrangements that play for random music groups 1 through 8. Group 9 plays the each hymn on the arrangements that you set. If both of the following types of arrangements are disabled, you should have a good library of user selections recorded.

Use Pre-recorded Chime and Harp Arrangements

If this option is set to Yes, the factory-supplied music using two part Chime and Harp music is enabled. If these are the only arrangements available and you set the option to No all factory supplied random music will be disabled. Disabling the Harp accompaniment can be selected in the Voicing Options tab if available on your carillon (Millennium Gold and Platinum Editions).

Use Pre-recorded Full Carillon Arrangements

If this option is set to Yes, the factory supplied music using the full range carillon music is enabled. If these are the only arrangements available and you set the option to No all factory supplied random music will be disabled.

Speaker zoning

The right side of the Seasonal Options tab also has settings for speaker zoning. There are also selection macros that can be 'played' to make changes to this setting, so check your schedule if they seem to change on you.

Both automatic play (any music or bell ringing activated by the automatic schedule) and manual play (music or bell ringing activated by the remote control or Play Selections menu) can be set so that the speakers will operate inside only, outside only or both (inside and outside).

Generally you would set the automatic mode to play either both or outside only. The factory defaults are to play both inside and outside for automatic and manual selections.

Let’s say for an example, that you only wish the keyboard performances to be heard inside. That is, all non-keyboard bell-ringing needs to play outside only. To accomplish this, set automatic to outside, and manual to outside. Because these options do not affect the keyboard performance modes, only the keyboard will be heard through the inside speakers. When the system is playing, the green front panel lights will indicate which speakers are active.