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This menu is found on all Chime Master bell ringing equipment with a two line display and sixteen button keypad. It is used to make corrections to the time clock.

Temperature compensated crystal clock circuitry gives the clock accuracy greater than +/- two minutes per year. Periodic checks and settings of the clock may be necessary to insure accurate operation of the system. The clock is factory set to your local time before shipment and should not require setting at the time of installation.

You can also synchronize the carillon system time clock to internet time (or your own local NTP server) using a Windows PC with our [Install_Management_Suite|downloadable Management Suite]].

Open the Menu

Open the Time strike/auto level setup menu by pressing the front panel green Enter button so that you read Main Menu on the top line of the display. Press any gray cursor button until the flashing lower line reads System Setup Menu then press the Enter button again.

The top line should now say System Setup Menu and you may press any gray cursor button until the lower line is blinking Set System Clock. One more press of the Enter button will get us there.

When you open this menu, the display will read:

 5:35 PM WED 12-28
Year=2016 Set Time

The minute will be blinking. Use the cursor left and right buttons to move around the display (and cause other elements to blink). Change the settings for the blinking element using the cursor up and down buttons.

Set the Time

Use the cursor right button to make Set Time blink, then press the green Enter button when you want to start the clock from the selected time.

The display will read Setting real time clock while it restarts the clock.

Tower Clock Movement Hand Position

This section only applies to systems that are controlling an external clock movement.

If you entered the menu to correct for slow or fast clock movements in the outside clocks, you can press the red Cancel button to skip updating the system time.

After the system time has been set, the display will read:

   Tower clock dial
  hands indicate:  5:33

Use the cursor up and down to change the settings to match the clock dial. The motor will be turned off while in this mode to give you time to read it.

Press Enter to restart the tower clock. It should wait or catch up to the current time.

Exit the Menu

After you have finished setting the time, press the red Cancel button to return to the automatic standby mode.