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Set the security options to prevent unauthorized operation or programming if the system is located in an accessible area. A four digit pass code is all that is required to access the system. Choose a meaningful code so you can remember it. If you forget the pass code, call us for help unlocking the system. (1-800-432-3977)

Opening the Menu

Open the System Setup Menu by pressing the front panel green Enter button so that you read Main Menu on the top line of the display. Press the number 3 and the flashing lower line will read System Setup Menu then press the Enter button again. Press the number 9 and the flashing lower line will read Security Options then press the Enter button again.

If there is no password on your system...

Something similar to the following screen will appear.

Setup Password
New Password:

Type a 4 digit number you will remember. You can now lock your carillon.

If there is a password on your system already

If there is already a password on your unit the following screen will appear (with the text in bold flashing).

Security Menu
Change Password

Changing the Password

From the Security Menu above, select Change Password (use cursor arrows, if it is not already there) and press Enter

Enter the current password, then enter the new password.

Turning the Auto-lock Feature on

To turn on the auto-lock feature enter the Security Menu and scroll using the cursor buttons to find Auto Lock Option and press Enter.

Use your cursor buttons to toggle between OFF and ON. Press Enter to save your changes or Cancel to discard them.

Locking the Carillon

If you do not turn auto-lock on, holding the Cancel button down for 2 seconds will lock the carillon.

Enter the Security Menu and scroll using the cursor buttons to find Lock Unit Now! and press Enter.

While locked the monitor control buttons and Stop/Cancel button will still function. Automatically and remote control functions (from the remote) will still work as well.