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In this menu you can view, edit or delete any of the events in your schedule. To clear the schedule, you must go to the Settings menu.

Please allow at least five minutes after making changes to the schedule for events to appear in the Schedule Review timeline. The system waits to be sure that you have finished working on the schedule to refresh Almanac music and other events for the coming week. Schedule changes will result in scheduled Almanac concerts to play different songs than appeared before modifications, even if those times were not changed.


Common elements

The following elements will be found on each of the scheduling screens:

Clock hands
To set the time of the event, you may tap or drag the hands of the clock or tap the number and choose from a drop-down menu.
Begin/End switch
Determine if the programmed time is the beginning or ending time for the event.
Calendar (on annual and one time events)
Choose the date the event is to occur

The scheduling system will warn you if you have chosen late night or early morning times so you can make AM/PM corrections if needed.

Music selection

Make your choice of music using one of the following methods.

Almanac Selected Music Mode
Turning this on disables the title picker because the system will play seasonally appropriate music using the SmartAlmanac.
Title picker
Type any part of the selection to search the library then select a song from the results.
Choose the duration (approximate) in minutes or the number of songs to play.

Event List

The window on the right accumulates the list of times and programs you have selected. It does not display any existing schedule previously created and saved.

Tap Add Selection and your new event will be added to the list. You may add multiple events to the list by changing the date, time, or selection and tapping Add Selection. Tap Save to Schedule to add this list to the automatic schedule.

If you add multiple events to one time or add an event(s) to a time that already has something scheduled, they will play in the order they were added. Time strike and Angelus ringing take precedence over and will always play before music.

Scheduling screens

One Time

Schedule a one time event to provide music for a unique, non repeating occurrence such as a wedding or a funeral. Because this event occurs once, you will enter the year.


Schedule a weekly event to schedule music on a regular weekly basis like, daily or each Sunday.


Schedule a monthly event to schedule music on a regular monthly basis like, the first Sunday of each month.


Schedule an annual event. This is often used to schedule memorial music, such as, a person's favorite hymn to be played every year on their birthday.

Time Strike (weekly)

Add and modify clock chiming and hour strikes.


Schedule prayer bell ringing. Angelus ringing will replace scheduled time strikes when both are programmed at the same time.

Schedule Review

This screen will provide the following review capabilities.

  • View upcoming events scheduled for today and tomorrow, including the specific selections made by the seasonal Almanac for scheduled music.
  • View the weekly schedule (without specifics)
  • View monthly events
  • View Annual events
  • View One Time events

Events can be deleted here. Plans for future releases include the ability to also edit events.

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