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If the carillon has an SD card option, you can load MP3 files onto it and play them by the number given in the file name (see the carillon operating manual). If you would also like to see the titles appear in the Management Suite title lookup (and in the onscreen carillon listings), they can be entered with this feature.

Add titles

As titles are added to the list, it automatically sorts in alphabetical order. Each card’s titles should be saved to a separate file.

Manage multiple SD cards

Up to 500 selection numbers can be assigned to the selections on each card. You can reuse numbers for different selections if you need more than 500 sound files across several cards.

Buttons on the left side of the window select one of six cards the titles represent. All six of the cards can be stored in memory simultaneously, then you select which one is active whenever you change cards without having to reload the titles.

Consider putting a label on the card with a name that reflects the files on the card. Save the card's titles to a file with the same name.