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The information on this page assumes that you have the Church Bell Remote app installed on your phone or tablet, Management Suite installed on a PC connected to you Chime Master bell system, and you are able to remote control the bells from inside your facility using the local WiFi network.

Making your bell system available on the public internet


The system requires user authentication before accepting commands from the remote control. This authentication process is only as strong as your user name and password that you have created in Management Suite. You should also lock the Management Suite host computer with a good password to prevent unauthorized users from changing the authorized users of the bell system.

Best Practices

Putting any port of any device of your primary network on the public internet should always be done with planning, forethought and advise from your IT professional. We recommend that all Internet of Things (IoT) devices you install in your facility be connected using a dedicated network (IP address subnet such as 192.168.120.node) apart form your file servers and database systems. Most newer routers and firewalls allow you to have more than one subnet for guests and devices.