Reasons to choose Chime Master

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Chime Master exists to enrich lives by meaningfully connecting people and communities to what is sacred, solid, and timeless.

Our Reputation

The firm foundation that we rest upon requires that we take our service to our clients seriously. We want to build trust by holding onto values and practices that will stand the test of time. Listening to your needs comes before everything else, so that we can best serve your interests. Your project will be completed in a professional manner, to your total satisfaction. Chime Master is accredited with the Better Business Bureau since 1995, with zero complaints and an A+ rating.

See what people say about us. You may request referral letters from satisfied clientele, and we are able to provide references in your area, upon request.


Our products and services are user-friendly and affordable. You will have access to all the information that you need in order to make a wise decision about your purchase. Every associate is trained to operate the equipment we sell and can assess your needs and help you achieve your goals. Our field representatives and technicians also participate in annual training sessions to better serve you.


Chime Master® is a subsidiary of Commercial Music Service, Co. (CMS), a family owned corporation founded in 1959. CMS has been continuously innovating in the audio and electronics fields with a special focus on bell sound reproduction beginning in 1962. With a long history of professional audio recording services and audiophile system design, we know what it takes to provide great sounding bells and acoustically well-designed bell chambers, making realism our goal.


We began to install, renovate and maintain cast bronze bell instruments in 1997. Thousands of our easy to use church bell ringing automation products ring in installations ranging from single bells to full sized carillon instruments.

Forward Thinking

Chime Master® actively embraces improvements that support our end goals of complete customer satisfaction, ease of use and improvements in available technologies. Our products are based on mature and stable platforms that are reliable and secure from the risks that plague most connected equipment. You can invest in your bell ringing equipment today, and we offer unprecedented trade-in value for when you are ready for the next technological step. We develop new products with principled engineering disciplines that ensure your satisfaction with quality bell ringing for a long time.


Our team cares about you and your community outreach. We work hard developing and manufacturing bell ringing products designed to provide a true sound that clearly conveys messages of hope, joy and belonging to those in your neighborhood. Ease of use is a priority, because we know your mission is important.

Why buy a Chime Master?

Here are some great reasons to choose a Chime Master church bell ringing system.

Easiest to Use

Push a button, click a mouse or use a touchscreen to ring a bell or play a hymn. Easy to use— one touch lets anyone be a bell ringer.

Best user interface

Chime Master lets you choose the user interface that works best for you.

Want to use a computer? You can!

Access your schedules and settings from your home or office with the Chime Center management web portal. Available options include multiple user support where you can customize home screens for your staff on both the front panel touchscreen and their remote controls. Your system will regularly receive updates and upgrades.

Don't want to use a computer? That's fine!

The Chime Master Advanced eXperience front panel touch screen lets you ring your bells with a couple of taps. Easy to understand instructions are included in both on the front screen as well as printed and online electronic formats.

The Chime Master® LX Carillon still comes with our time tested menu system that has worked for decades and thousands of Chime Master customers will also work for you.

Call our toll-free support line and a friendly support person will guide you to quickly revise your schedule or prepare for a special event.

Easy Advanced eXperience Remote

The Chime Master AX Remote control finally brings immediate, frustration free and secure control to the bell ringing world. Provided your bell ringing system has an Internet connection and your phone or tablet also has a good carrier broadband or WiFi data connection, one scan of a QR code will provide control of the system anywhere you go.

Not everyone has Internet at their church, so we've provided alternative solutions for the same functionality when you are close to the carillon.

Best sound

The bells you purchase today will still be your 'voice' to the community for several decades. We use high definition, first-generation digital recordings and bell samples to give you the most realistic bell sound available today. Great sounding bells cannot reach the soul unless they have been played from the heart. Our experienced church musicians have made these recordings with a deep understanding of the true meaning and story behind each hymn. We are often told that our clients get effusive compliments from their friends and neighbors about the beauty of the music and bells they hear from the Chime Master carillon. To hear these beautiful bells for yourself, schedule an on-site demonstration.

Most music options

You will receive a large and comprehensive library of music and bells for all occasions and seasons pre-loaded into memory when you purchase a Chime Master. Choose the majestic sound of a towering bronze bell carillon or the lush and meditative sound of our concert chimes. Platinum AX carillons come an unprecedented number of world-class bell instruments.

In addition to sacred church bell music, every Chime Master carillon includes Taps played on a bugle, and Amazing Grace performed on bagpipes.

Chime Center features a music librarian that gives you total control over what music plays for each liturgical season. You can customize these seasons and add to them to satisfy any church tradition.

Do you want to add your own recorded special music? You can!

The Chime Master Chime Master LX carillon includes an SD/MP3 card slot to allow you to drag and drop your special music or custom recordings for playback on your bell system. These files can be programmed to play manually or automatically.

Millennium® AX and Platinum AX (Advanced eXperience) systems allow you to record carillon performances from a MIDI keyboard (or optionally from your organ, or even upload MIDI files) and manage them with factory music with the Chime Center music librarian and seasonal SmartAlmanac.

Platinum AX systems supports high quality audio file formats for upload via Chime Center for music, announcements or campus alerting messaging.

Made in USA Quality

We design and build our great products right here in Ohio. We understand the needs of American churches and the importance of supporting American workers.

Parts & Labor Warranty

You get a minimum of three years of Chime Care on all new Chime Master electronic carillons. The Our Advanced eXperience ringing products all feature five years of Chime Care.

No carillon left behind Exclusive Upgrade Warranty

Chime Master carillons include our exclusive upgrade warranty. That means you will receive 100% of what you pay for your carillon when you trade it in for a Chime Master upgrade carillon during the warranty period. Even after the warranty has expired, we continue to offer generous pro-rated trade up credit. We value our clients and want you to have the latest technology available.