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Here are some great reasons to choose a Chime Master digital electronic carillon.

Easiest to Use

Push a button, click a mouse or use a touchscreen to ring a bell or play a hymn. Easy to use one touch lets anyone be a bell ringer.

Best user interface

Chime Master lets you choose the user interface that works best for you.

Want to use a computer? You can!

Management Suite software by Chime Master is an intuitive tool that provides full screen views of the automatic schedule for easy editing with either a mouse or shortcut keys. Load the Management Suite on several computers (pastor, organist, music director, wedding coordinator and funeral directors) to provide access for special events. While you can control the Chime Master from a computer, it does not require a computer or media player to operate. You have peace of mind knowing that your church bells will ring reliably even if you have a computer crash or broken touch screen.

Don't want to use a computer? That's fine!

The Chime Master soft touch buttons on the front panel let anyone control the bells with a couple of button pushes. Easy to understand instructions are included in both printed and online electronic formats. Our time tested menu system that has worked for decades and thousands of Chime Master customers will also work for you. Call our toll-free support line and a friendly support person will guide you to quickly revise your schedule or prepare for a special event.

Mobile apps for Smart Phones and Tablets

All Chime Master automated bell ringing equipment can be controlled from your Android or iPhone. Touch programmable on-screen buttons to ring a bell or play a hymn at your church, wherever you happen to be.

Best sound

The bells you purchase today will still be your 'voice' to the community for several decades. We use high definition, first-generation digital recordings and bell samples to give you the most realistic bell sound available today. Great sounding bells cannot reach the soul unless they have been played from the heart. Our church musicians have made these recordings with a deep understanding of the true meaning and story behind each hymn. We are often told that our clients get effusive compliments from their friends and neighbors about the beauty of the music and bells they hear from the Chime Master carillon. To hear these beautiful bells for yourself, schedule an on-site demonstration or request a free sample CD.

Most music options

You will receive a large and comprehensive library of music and bells for all occasions and seasons pre-loaded into memory when you purchase a Chime Master. Choose the majestic sound of a towering bronze bell carillon or the lush and meditative sound of our concert chimes. Platinum carillons come with even more voices.

In addition to sacred church bell music, every Chime Master carillon includes Taps played on a bugle, and most systems ship with Amazing Grace performed on bagpipes. The Premium Management Suite includes a tool you can use to specify exactly what music plays randomly and automatically as the seasons change.

You want to add your own recorded special music? You can!

All Chime Master Six-SS carillons now include an SD/MP3 card slot to allow you to drag and drop your special music or custom recordings for playback on your bell system. These files can be programmed to play manually or automatically. This feature is an option on Millennium and Platinum carillon models.

You want to capture the skill of your own musicians? You can!

Platinum and Millennium solid state digital church bell instruments feature an easy to use record memory function. You can record new music or special arrangements of old favorites into the permanent memory of the carillon. Once safely stored, it can be started at the touch of a button, or scheduled for automatic performance during the liturgical seasons of your choice. Any standard MIDI capable organ or piano will connect to the carillon for recording.

Add the librarian option to your carillon and store up to 2000 of these special recordings. The Management Suite supports importing MIDI files from your notation software to the carillon.

Made in USA Quality

Chime Master is the only high volume electronic carillon company still building their products in the United States. We do not load our software into a Chinese built consumer product or put our name on carillons from overseas manufacturers. We understand the needs of American churches and the importance of supporting American workers.

Best Parts & Labor Warranty

You get a minimum of three years on all new Chime Master electronic carillons. The Model-Six and bell ringing equipment come with a five year warranty. The Millennium carillon has a seven year warranty, and the Platinum carillon is protected for an unprecedented ten years.

No carillon left behind Exclusive Upgrade Warranty

Chime Master carillons include our exclusive upgrade warranty. That means you will receive 100% of what you pay for your carillon when you trade it in for a Chime Master upgrade carillon during the warranty period. Even after the warranty has expired, we continue to offer generous pro-rated trade up credit. We value our clients and want you to have the latest technology available.


Chime Master Systems was incorporated in 1959 and we have been continuously innovating in the audio and electronics field ever since. We are a family owned company that has been specializing in bells and serving churches for decades.