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2012 Ronald Barnes Memorial Scholarship winner Ed Herrmann created high-quality recordings of the carillon bells at the University of Chicago's Rockefeller Memorial Chapel. These recordings are available to all GCNA members, and are useful to provide bell sounds for the carillon practice keyboard.


  • GCNA Membership
  • Mac with OS X (10.6.8 & up) or Windows (XP and up)
    • Keyboard, mouse, display if computer is not a laptop
  • USB Midi interface
  • Headphones or monitor speaker


  1. Download Sforzando for OS X or Windows from Plogue's download page
  2. Install Sforzando
  3. Download the Chicago samples from the GCNA members web page
    1. go to the Members area of the GCNA website
    2. enter your user name and password for access
    3. right click each bell note link to save link as
    4. copy the downloaded .wav files from your downloads folder to a new folder named samples

Create chicago.sfz

Open a text editor, then copy the code below and paste it into the editor.

// Programmed by Rick White,
// For GCNA membership use with MIDI practice keyboards
// January, March 2016
// Works with Garratin Sample programs using ARIA engine or
// Plogue Sforzando - freeware can be found at

  polyphony=64        // reduce for slow cpu/low memory
  loop_mode=one_shot  // force sample to play in entirety
  ampeg_attack=0.005  // 5 ms de-click may be excessive
  ampeg_hold=1        // 1 sec hold
  ampeg_decay=1       // 1 sec decay
  ampeg_sustain=100   // to 100% - play same staccato or legato
  ampeg_release=100   // 100 sec release long 

// no keyboard transposition - full 6 octaves
<region> sample=1-Csharp2.wav key=037 lokey=036 hikey=038
<region> sample=2-Eb2.wav      key=039
<region> sample=3-E2.wav       key=040
<region> sample=4-F2.wav       key=041
<region> sample=5-Fsharp2.wav  key=042
<region> sample=6-G2.wav       key=043
<region> sample=7-Ab2.wav      key=044
<region> sample=8-A2.wav       key=045
<region> sample=9-Bb2.wav      key=046
<region> sample=10-B2.wav      key=047
<region> sample=11-C3.wav      key=048
<region> sample=12-Csharp3.wav key=049
<region> sample=13-D3.wav      key=050
<region> sample=14-Eb3.wav     key=051
<region> sample=15-E3.8.wav    key=052
<region> sample=16-F3.wav      key=053
<region> sample=17-Fsharp3.wav key=054
<region> sample=18-G3.wav      key=055
<region> sample=19-Ab3.wav     key=056
<region> sample=20-A3.wav      key=057
<region> sample=21-Bb3.wav     key=058
<region> sample=22-B3.wav      key=059 
<region> sample=23-C4.wav      key=060
<region> sample=24-Csharp4.wav key=061
<region> sample=25-D4.wav      key=062
<region> sample=26-Eb4.wav     key=063
<region> sample=27-E4.wav      key=064
<region> sample=28-F4.wav      key=065
<region> sample=29-Fsharp4.wav key=066
<region> sample=30-G4.wav      key=067
<region> sample=31-Ab4.wav     key=068
<region> sample=32-A4.wav      key=069
<region> sample=33-Bb4.wav     key=070
<region> sample=34-B4.wav      key=071
<region> sample=35-C5.wav      key=072
<region> sample=36-Csharp5.wav key=073
<region> sample=37-D5.wav      key=074
<region> sample=38-Eb5.wav     key=075
<region> sample=39-E5.wav      key=076
<region> sample=40-F5.wav      key=077
<region> sample=41-Fsharp5.wav key=078
<region> sample=42-G5.wav      key=079
<region> sample=43-Ab5.wav     key=080
<region> sample=44-A5.wav      key=081
<region> sample=45-Bb5.wav     key=082
<region> sample=46-B5.wav      key=083
<region> sample=47-C6.wav      key=084
<region> sample=48-Csharp6.wav key=085
<region> sample=49-D6.wav      key=086
<region> sample=50-Eb6.wav     key=087
<region> sample=51-E6.wav      key=088
<region> sample=52-F6.wav      key=089
<region> sample=53-Fsharp6.wav key=090
<region> sample=54-G6.wav      key=091
<region> sample=55-Ab6.wav     key=092
<region> sample=56-A6.wav      key=093
<region> sample=57-Bb6.wav     key=094
<region> sample=58-B6.wav      key=095
<region> sample=59-C7.wav      key=096
<region> sample=60-Csharp7.wav key=097
<region> sample=61-D7.wav      key=098
<region> sample=62-Eb7.wav     key=099
<region> sample=63-E7.wav      key=100
<region> sample=64-F7.wav      key=101
<region> sample=65-Fsharp7.wav key=102
<region> sample=66-G7.wav      key=103
<region> sample=67-Ab7.3.wav   key=104
<region> sample=68-A7.4.wav    key=105
<region> sample=69-Bb7.wav     key=106
<region> sample=70-B7.wav      key=107
<region> sample=71-C8.wav      key=108
<region> sample=72-Csharp8.wav key=109 hikey=127

Save the file as chicago.sfz in the samples folder