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This screen can be used to immediately play any selection with any arrangement on any instrument at any time. Selections played on this screen currently will play both inside and outside. Use the mute buttons on your amplifier to Mute outside zones if you do not want to play publicly.


Select a song to play

Tap the Select button to choose a song to play.

When the search screen comes up, type a word that is in the title of the song you want to play. The list will begin to populate with every song containing your search word (s). Once you see your title, tap it, then tap the Confirm button.

Play the song

Pressing the green play button will add the song to the current queue if something else is already playing. Unless you change the arrangement and instrument from the default settings, the Music Style you have selected in the Settings menu will be used.

While the selection is playing you can search other titles and/or arrangements of the same song and add them to the queue with the play button.

The blue Next selection button will cancel the current song and advance to the next in queue. The red Stop button will cancel all.

Try other arrangement and instruments

You may choose alternate arrangement styles. They are defined under Arrangements in the Glossary.

You may also choose an alternate instrument applicable for the selected arrangement.

What happens to automatic play while in this screen?

If you are loitering here, automation will be performed as usual. If you play music at the time of an automatic function the system will behave thusly:

  • Time strikes and time based ringing functions will be ignored
  • Automatic music will be inserted with your manual selections to the play queue