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* Music library of over 1700 selections
* Music library of over 1700 selections
** Full five-octave carillon arrangements
** Full five-octave carillon arrangements
** Split keyboard harp bells with chime arrangements
** Split keyboard [[harp bells]] with chime arrangements
** Solo chime without accompaniment arrangements
** Solo chime without accompaniment arrangements
* [[Midi|MIDI]] input (input connection for modern organs and keyboards)  
* [[Midi|MIDI]] input (input connection for modern organs and keyboards)  

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The Chime Master Platinum is a MIDI-based digital carillon instrument. In addition to being able to record and save live carillon keyboard performances, the user can also store audio files on an SD card for manual or automatic playback. This product is a stand-alone professional audio component, designed and built specifically for the purpose of bell ringing.

As Chime Master's flagship product, the Platinum carillon includes every musical bell voice we offer. Each bell voice features multisamples of real bells, providing realistic high definition bell ringing reproduction. It is the most versatile electronic carillon instrument available.

Platinum carillon distinguishing features

  • The most musical bell voices
  • Ten year Chime Care warranty
  • Keyboard input for live bell performances and recording
  • Permanently save keyboard performances
  • User SD card slot for user-loaded audio files
  • Alert tones and sirens


Nine musical bell voices:
English-Tuned Cast Bronze Carillon (61 bells)
English-Tuned Chime (27 bells)
Flemish-Tuned Cast Bronze Carillon (61 bells)
Flemish-Tuned Cast Bronze Chime (27 bells)
Concert Tubular Orchestral Chime (27 bells)
Welsh Tubular Tower Chime (27 bells)
Millennium Vintage Electromechanical Chime (27 bells)
Concert Harp Bells (61 bells)
Millennium Harp Bells (61 bells)
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  • Taps with and without 21-gun salute
  • 19 additional military bugle calls


  • Amazing Grace
  • The Battle is Over
  • Goin' Home
  • I'll Fly Away

Alert tones and sirens


  • Made in Ohio, USA
  • No Moving Parts
  • Ten-Year Chime Care Warranty
  • Set it and forget it ease of use
  • Premium Management Suite software
    • Windows™ compatible
    • Mobile remote app support (Apple and Android)
      • Administer remote user names and passwords
      • Set user access times and functions
      • Customize remote functionality
    • Graphical weekly schedule editing
    • Custom seasonal playlists
    • Annual and special event scheduling
    • Tempo adjustments
    • Transposition adjustments
    • Special concert Jukebox
    • Backup
      • System settings
      • Schedules
      • Recorded music library
  • User SD/MP3 card slot for user audio files with security plate on front panel
  • Chime Master exclusive SmartAlmanac™ for automatic liturgical season changes through 2099 AD
  • Automatic Daylight time switching
  • Music library of over 1700 selections
    • Full five-octave carillon arrangements
    • Split keyboard harp bells with chime arrangements
    • Solo chime without accompaniment arrangements
  • MIDI input (input connection for modern organs and keyboards)
    • Live bell performances
    • Bells can be tuned to organ pipes
    • MIDI keyboard recording capability
    • Recording librarian can save 2000 additional music selections from keyboard or MIDI file import
  • Authentic swinging bells and peals with the most natural manual stop function available
    • Peals with more combinations of bells and flexible timing than other products
  • Funeral tolls, Angelus and DeProfundis bells
  • Time striking
    • with or without chime melodies
    • easy setup for ringing times
    • choose full quarters, half or top strike only
  • Selectable time strike melodies
    • Westminster (5-bell)
    • Westminster (4-bell)
    • Whittington
    • St. Michaels
    • Christus Vincit
    • Lourdes (Immaculate Mary)
    • Praise (Holy God We Praise Thy Name)
    • Warren
    • Bigelow
    • Parsifal
    • Avondale (Ding-Dong)
    • Nautical (authentic Ship's Time)
    • User (record or import your own with Record Librarian)
  • High definition audio quality
    • 24bits at 48Khz digital mixer output
    • 16-bit linear sample storage
    • Up to 64 bells can sound simultaneously
  • Rack Mountable
  • Built-in monitor speaker and 1W amplifier


  • Chime Master inSpire™ full-range output (removal of horn protect filter)
  • Walnut or oak furniture grade cabinetry
  • System rack for carillon and amplifiers
  • Built-in 60W monitor amplifier (omit Switched AC Receptacle)
  • Tower clock driver and interface box
    • Control for modern minute impulse clock movements
    • Automatic correction of clock dials after power interruption
    • Clock status monitoring and error display
  • Tower bells driver and interface box
    • Support for 1 to 96 bells with clappers or hammers
    • Swinging bell motor control
    • Integrate tower bell clock toll with electronic Westminster
  • Choice of music library - Catholic, Protestant, General or All
    • Management Suite support for totally custom random music
  • Choice of Easter almanac dates - Eastern Orthodox or Western Standard (at time of order)
  • Ethnic hymn libraries
    • Byzantine
    • Greek
    • Polish
    • Spanish
    • Ukrainian
  • Alert audio system to support loud warning tones


  • Power
    • 120 VAC 50-60 Hz
    • Optional 240 VAC 50-60 Hz
  • Audio
    • Tower Line Output (Quarter inch TS connector)
      • Horn protection filter (unless ordered with inSpire system)
      • Tower Control (Din-4 connector)
        • Balanced line output
        • Amplifier ON/Standby control signal
    • PA Output (Quarter inch - unbalanced)
  • Data
    • MIDI keyboard input
    • USB computer interface
    • Tower accessory interface
      • Supports Chime Master clock movements
      • Supports Chime Master tower bell relays
    • Remote control (eight-function proprietary serial interface)
  • Optional switched AC receptacle for standard tower amplifier


  • Rack mounting dimensions
    • Height is 5-1/4 inches (3U rackspace)
    • Width is 19 inches
    • Depth is 15-3/4 (allow 17 inches for cabling)
  • Optional wooden cabinet dimensions
    • 7-1/2 H x 20-1/2 W x 16-3/4 D
  • Weight
    • No options: 21 lb.
    • Oak cabinet +14 lb.
    • Walnut cabinet +13 lb.
    • Monitor amplifier +4 lb.