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Platinum Advanced eXperience

The Platinum Advanced eXperience virtual bell instrument is made in Ohio by Chime Master.

Specifications and features

  • Color touch screen
  • Powerful front facing monitor speakers
  • Solid cherry face
  • Easy remote control with tablet or phone
  • One-year subscription to premium Chime Center
  • Beautiful and expansive library of hymns and music
  • Enhanced SmartAlmanac™
  • HD Bell instruments
    • Four cast bronze carillon instruments
    • Two harp bell accompaniment instruments
    • Three chime instruments
    • Eight tolling bell instruments
    • Four swinging bell instruments
  • Flexible clock ringing
  • Liturgical ringing
  • Media file compatibility


  • MIDI keyboard support
  • Professional balanced audio outputs (two inside and two outside)
  • inSpire Amplifier control and fault detection
  • Network interface (wired or wireless)
  • Optional wired or optical tower bells/clock interface


  • Handsome cabinet for tabletop use
  • Available rack mounting brackets
  • 16.5 W x 5.25 H x 8 D (inch)
  • 10 lb.

This specification is preliminary and subject to change. The product can update when connected to the internet. Many feature upgrades are planned.