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The Paul Revere Foundry, Massachusetts was a historically famous foundry of ornamental household products; a side product line was the casting of church & school bells.

The Revere Foundry, Established in 1821 was operated by Joseph Revere and Paul Revere III, (Paul Revere’s grandson) until 1828. During this time, Paul Revere III and hisi apprentice, William Blake, cast some 334 church bells (1821 to 1830). The church bell casting became a separate company: Revere & Blake Foundry, Boston, Ma. (The Paul Revere Foundry became the Revere Copper Co., incorporated in 1828, and still exists today.)

William Blake & Paul Revere III continued the church bell casting with an apprentice, Henry Hooper. In 1830, the foundry became known as the Hooper, Blake & Revere Foundry until 1868.
Post Civil War, the foundry operated as the Hooper, Blake & Richardson Foundry; later as the Henry N. Hooper & Co., and The Hooper Co.

William Blake & Co. of Boston cast bells and sweet sounding chimes from 1869 to 1888. The Blake Bell Co. managed by Walter Grueby continued to cast bells at least until 1898.

George Holbrook was another apprentice of Revere's who cast bells of his own in Boston. George continued to work in the foundry after operations were handed over to his son George Handel Holbrook. Chime Master has renovated an 1833 Holbrook bell for the Whitin Mill in Whitinsville Mass. with replicas of the original wooden yoke and wheel.