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Thank you for purchasing your new Chime Master Platinum Advanced eXperience™ virtual bell instrument! As our newest product line, this manual is subject to change as features are enhanced and released. Check back often for updates.

Front screen menus

AX Screen menu hierarchy

  • Login
    • Home
      • Next selection button
      • Stop button
      • Play Selection
      • Keyboard Performance
      • Remote
      • Custom Quick Functions
    • Schedule
      • One Time Events
      • Weekly Events
      • Monthly Events
      • Annual Events
      • Configure Time Strike
      • Configure Angelus
      • Review Schedule
    • Settings
      • Customize Home Screen
      • Volume
      • Music Style
      • Ringing Style
      • Advanced Keyboard Setup
      • Network
      • Date and Time
      • Screen
      • Reset Setup

Remote control

Remote management