• Church
  • Educational campus
  • Park or recreational area
  • Cemetery
  • Courthouse, city hall
  • Residence

Existing ringing components

  • Is your current ringing system functional?
  • Bells or electronic system with speakers, or both?
  • Do your bells ring manually with ropes (or traditional mechanical keyboard) or electric actuators?
  • Do you have an exterior tower clock?

New ringing needs

  • Liturgical ringing only, or would you like to play music?
  • Do you have a structure to support bells?
  • We can suggest a free-standing tower design for your site.
  • We can supply real cast bronze bells with beautiful memorial inscriptions.
  • We manufacture spun aluminum faux bells in various sizes.
  • Do you want to ring real bells automatically?

Special needs

  • Do you have a need for a campus alert system?
  • Would you like to play and record music from your organ or other keyboard?

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