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Librarian menu button

This page explains Group Nine and how to customize it. It is scheduled or programmed to play by entering Grp9 in a four digit selection field in the front panel menus (by pressing the up cursor button followed by 9) or the Management Suite screens (with a pull down selection field).

Random Group Customization

The Chime Master contains a database for eight categorized lists of music that are suitable for various times of year. In addition, a century of moving liturgical dates is included so the system knows which music lists to use. We call this feature SmartAlmanac™. Using the Custom Group Nine Librarian feature, you instruct the carillon what music you would like to hear during the following seasons as well as non-seasonal times.

  • Lent
  • Easter
  • US Patriotic
  • Marian
  • Thanksgiving
  • Advent
  • Christmas

Other groups can be scheduled in addition to Group Nine, but you will probably want to make it your exclusive music group if you want to insure that the system only plays the music you prefer.

The User Group Nine feature looks and works very similar to the Jukebox concert playlist editing feature. The left pane of the window is where you will build the random play list for each season. The required number of songs you place in each season depends upon the number of selections you play each day and how much variety you want. We recommend at least six selections per season.

Building the Play Lists

After opening the User Group Nine window, select a season from the pull down menu. You should see a list of music in the right pane. If you don’t see them you can get the title listing from the carillon using the Titles menu. All of the features used to build the Jukebox playlist are available in the Group Nine librarian, including title searches, and drag and drop editing.

If your carillon supports more than one type of arrangement, you can pull down either Chime and Harp or Full Carillon music arrangements from the Device Titles menu. You can mix the arrangements in the play list, but try to choose the arrangement you prefer for each song. Additionally, if you have selections on the optional SD card or have saved User Recordings, these can be added to your custom playlist. You will need to add the SD card selections to the SD titles first.

Do not leave a Season blank

If you leave a season blank and do not disable that season in the carillon’s seasonal options or do not use another random group to schedule music, the carillon will not play any music at the scheduled time. If you wish to continue to play non-seasonal music for Group Nine during one or more of the other seasons, copy all of the selections from the non-seasonal list to the seasonal list. To do this, open the Non-Seasonal list, then click on the first selection number to select it and press [Ctrl-A] (select all) to select the entire list. Press [Ctrl-C] (copy) to copy the list of non-seasonal selections. Now select the season you wish to copy the music to, and press [Ctrl-V] (paste) to add the selections to this season.

Help > Operating manuals > Management Suite