Millennium carillon specification

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Advanced Solid State Digital Carillon

A MIDI based digital carillon system. In addition to its keyboard performance capability and multiple voicing options, the Millennium carillon offers the highest quality sound of all our electronic carillons.

You may be interested in the Millennium Carillon if you want

  • The highest quality bell reproduction available
  • Unique bell voicings
  • Want to play from a keyboard or add custom bell music to the system
  • Want to have the greatest flexibility for special bell ringing

Distinguishing Features

  • Unmatched features and sound quality at any price - (best value option - Six-SS)
  • Made in USA
  • No Moving Parts
  • Ten Year Warranty
  • "Set it and forget it" ease of use
  • Management Suite ready - free download
  • MIDI input (input connection for modern organs and keyboards)
  • Recording capability
    • Single selection record on all systems
    • Optional recording librarian for saving and using 2000 additional selections
  • Bell voicing options (variety of musical bell timbres)
    • bells tuned to A-440, can be custom tuned (to pipe organs, for example)
  • Pre-recorded music arrangement options (huge library with a variety of styles)
    • Seasonal playlists, tempo and transposition adjustments can be made using Management Suite Premium
    • Chime and Harp, Chime without Harp and Five-octave Carillon arrangements
  • Authentic swinging bells and peals with the most natural manual stop function available
    • Peals with more combinations of bells and flexible timing than other products
  • Multiple time strike melodies (available melodies vary with firmware/library release dates)
  • Taps on bugle can be combined with a 21-gun salute
  • High definition audio quality
    • 24bits at 48Khz digital mixer output
    • 16-bit linear sample storage
    • up to 64 bells can sound simultaneously
  • Rack Mountable
  • Built-in monitor speaker and 1W amplifier


  • Optional walnut or oak cabinet
  • System rack for carillon and amplifiers
  • Built-in 60W monitor amplifier (omit Switched AC Receptacle)
  • User SD cardslot for MP3 files
  • Tower clock driver and interface box (-D option)

Control for minute impulse tower clock movements. The clock setting menu changes to ask for the 'hands' position and also will display an error if the clock is not powered.

  • Tower bells driver and interface box (-T option)

The Millennium carillon can control from one to 61 tower bells. Single bell controls also allow mixing the electronic clock chime melody with tolling on the tower bell. Electronic pealing bells and real bells cannot be mixed.

  • Choice of music library
  • Choice of Easter almanac dates - Eastern Orthodox or Western Standard (at time of order)


  • Power
    • 120 VAC 50-60 Hz
    • Optional 240 VAC 50-60 Hz
  • Audio
    • Tower Line Output (Quarter Inch - Unbalanced)
    • Tower Control (Din-4 - balanced line output and amplifier control signal)
    • PA Output (Quarter Inch - Unbalanced)
  • Data
    • MIDI Keyboard Input
    • USB Computer Interface
    • Tower Accessory Interface
      • Supports Chime Master Clock Drive
      • Supports Chime Master Tower Bell Relays (up to six ringing channels)
    • Remote Control (proprietary serial interface)
  • Optional Switched AC Receptacle for Tower Amplifier


  • Rack Mount Dimensions
    • Height is 5-1/4 inches (3U rackspace)
    • Width is 19 inches
    • Depth is 15-3/4 (allow 17 inches for cabling)
  • Optional wood cabinet Dimensions
    • 7-1/2 H x 20-1/2 W x 16-3/4 D
  • Weight
    • No options: 20 lb.
    • Oak cabinet +14 lb.
    • Walnut cabinet +13 lb.
    • Monitor amplifier +4 lb.
    • MP3 cardslot +1 lb.