Millennium carillon specification

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Electronic Carillons: Chime Master LX < Millennium > Platinum AX

Millennium with optional Oak cabinet


The Chime Master Millennium® is a MIDI-based digital carillon instrument. In addition to being able to play live carillon performances from a keyboard, the user can also record and save new music. This product is a stand-alone professional audio component, designed and built specifically for the purpose of bell ringing.

Four beautiful bell voices are provided on the Millennium carillon. Each bell voice features multi-samples of real bells, providing realistic high definition bell ringing reproduction.

Millennium carillon distinguishing features

  • Four musical bell voices
  • Five year Chime Care warranty
  • Keyboard input for live bell performances and recording
  • Permanently save keyboard performances


Four musical bell voices:
English-Tuned Cast Bronze Carillon (61 bells)
English-Tuned Chime (27 bells)
Concert Tubular Orchestral Chime (27 bells)
Concert Harp Bells (61 bells)
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  • Taps with and without 21-gun salute

Standard features

  • Made in Ohio, USA
  • No Moving Parts
  • Five Year Chime Care warranty
  • "Set it and forget it" ease of use
  • Premium Management Suite software
    • Windows™ compatible
    • Mobile remote app support (Apple and Android)
      • Administer remote user names and passwords
      • Set user access times and functions
      • Customize remote functionality
    • Graphical weekly schedule editing
    • Special concert Jukebox
    • Custom seasonal playlists
    • Annual and special event scheduling
    • Tempo adjustments
    • Transposition adjustments
    • Backup
      • System settings
      • Schedules
      • Recorded music library
  • Remote app (Android and Apple)
    • Displays carillon status
    • Up to eight customizable ringing presets
    • Suspend/Resume automatic schedule
    • Select and play any selection
    • Stop any ringing
    • Inside speaker monitor level control
    • Keyboard performance
      • Voice select
      • Recording controls (Record, Playback, Save)
  • Chime Master exclusive SmartAlmanac™ for automatic liturgical season changes through 2099 AD
    • Standard Western calendar, Orthodox available at time of order
    • Automatic Daylight time switching
  • Music library of over 1700 selections
    • Full five-octave carillon arrangements
    • Split keyboard harp bells with chime arrangements
    • Solo chime without accompaniment arrangements
  • MIDI input (input connection for modern organs and keyboards)
    • Live bell performances
    • Bells can be tuned to organ pipes
    • MIDI keyboard recording capability
    • Recording librarian can save 2000 additional music selections from keyboard or MIDI file import
  • Authentic swinging bells and peals with the most natural manual stop function available
    • Peals with more combinations of bells and flexible timing than other products
  • Funeral tolls, Angelus and DeProfundis bells
  • Time striking
    • with or without chime melodies
    • easy setup for ringing times
    • choose full quarters, half or top strike only
  • Selectable clock bell voice (3 choices)
  • Selectable time strike melodies
    • Westminster (5-bell)
    • Westminster (4-bell)
    • Whittington
    • St. Michaels
    • Christus Vincit
    • Lourdes (Immaculate Mary)
    • Praise (Holy God We Praise Thy Name)
    • Warren
    • Bigelow
    • Parsifal
    • Avondale (Ding-Dong)
    • Nautical (authentic Ship's Time)
    • User (record or import your own with Record Librarian)
  • High definition audio quality
    • 24bits at 48Khz digital mixer output
    • 16-bit linear sample storage
    • Up to 64 bells can sound simultaneously
  • Rack Mountable
  • Built-in monitor speaker and 1W amplifier


  • Available keyboards
  • Chime Master inSpire™ full-range output (removal of horn protect filter)
  • Oak or walnut furniture grade cabinetry
  • System rack for carillon and amplifiers
  • Built-in 60W monitor amplifier (omit Switched AC Receptacle)
  • Tower clock driver and interface box
    • Control for modern minute impulse clock movements
    • Automatic correction of clock dials after power interruption
    • Clock status monitoring and error display
  • Tower bells driver and interface box
    • Support for 1 to 6 bells with clappers or hammers
    • Swinging bell motor control
    • Integrate tower bell clock toll with electronic Westminster
  • Choice of music library - Catholic, Protestant, General or All
    • Management Suite support for totally custom random music
  • Choice of Easter almanac dates - Eastern Orthodox or Western Standard (at time of order)
  • Ethnic hymn libraries
    • Byzantine
    • Greek
    • Polish
    • Spanish
    • Ukrainian


  • Power
    • 120 VAC 50-60 Hz
    • Optional 240 VAC 50-60 Hz
  • Audio
    • Tower audio output (Quarter inch TS connector - unbalanced line)
      • Horn protection filter (unless ordered with inSpire system)
    • Tower amplifier control (Din-4 connector)
      • Tower audio output (balanced line)
      • Amplifier ON/Standby control signal
    • PA monitor audio output (Quarter inch TS connector - unbalanced line)
      • Mutes built-in speaker when used
  • Data
    • MIDI Keyboard Input
    • USB Computer Interface
    • Tower Accessory Interface
      • Supports Chime Master Clock Drive
      • Supports Chime Master Tower Bell Relays (up to six ringing channels)
    • Radio remote control (eight-function proprietary serial interface)
  • Optional Switched AC Receptacle for Tower Amplifier


  • Rack Mount Dimensions
    • Height is 5-1/4 inches (3U rackspace)
    • Width is 19 inches
    • Depth is 15-3/4 (allow 17 inches for cabling)
  • Optional wood cabinet Dimensions
    • 7-1/2 H x 20-1/2 W x 16-3/4 D
  • Weight
    • No options: 20 lb.
    • Oak cabinet +14 lb.
    • Walnut cabinet +13 lb.
    • Monitor amplifier +4 lb.