Millennium AX

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Millennium AX Carillon

Listen to the Millennium AX


  • Color touch screen
  • One 15-Watt front-facing monitor speaker
  • Aircraft aluminum chassis
  • Solid maple face plate
  • Easy remote control using your tablet or phone
    • Scan a front screen QR image with your device's camera for instant remote app installation
    • Secure authentication connects you to the system anywhere you have Internet
    • Local short-range remote options are also available
    • Each user can have a their own custom remote control menu (and front panel screen)
  • Manage scheduling and preferences remotely using the Chime.Center™ web portal
    • Includes one year Free subscription to access Chime.Center
    • Optional upgrade to Premium Chime.Center provides
      • Unlimited customer service including factory technician programming
      • Custom pattern programming for liturgical ringing and clock chimes
      • Advanced seasonal scheduling
  • Enhanced SmartAlmanac™
    • Follows the almanac calendar and plays music appropriate to the season automatically
    • 80-year Eastern/Western Roman/Orthodox calendars with all movable feasts and seasons
    • Add/remove seasons and assign appropriate music with Chime.Center
  • Flexible clock ringing
    • Keep time with customizable hour striking
    • Options to select 1, 2 or all four quarters
    • Hour strike with or without melody
    • Westminster (or customized) chime melody
      • Record or upload chime melodies
  • Liturgical ringing
    • Peals, Tolls, Swinging, and Angelus bells to meet your congregation’s needs for Weddings, Funerals, Worship, Mass and Prayer.
  • Advanced clock
    • Clock backup power source never needs replacing
    • Internet clock synchronization
    • Automatic daylight time correction


291 High Definition bells (largest bell)

  • 63 Five-octave carillon (Bb2-C8)
  • 34 2-3/4 octave Orchestral chime - (Bb2-G5)
  • 27 Two-octave Millennium electro-mechanical chime - (Bb2-C5)
  • 61 Five-octave Concert harp bells - (C2-C7)
  • 61 Five-octave Millennium harp bells - (C2-C7)
  • 20 swinging bells - (C3-G4)
  • 25 tolling bells - (C3-C5)


Bell Music

Millennium AX Music List (PDF)
Thousands of musical titles in four selectable musical arrangement styles. Enable your favorite arrangement style to create your own sound or mix them for more variety.

  • Melody only for chime or carillon voices
  • Three-octave carillon: harmonized carillon arrangements
  • Five-octave carillon: embellished carillon arrangements
  • 2-Part: Harp accompaniment for melody on either chime or carillon

Audio recordings

  • Memorial selections on bagpipe, including Amazing Grace
  • Military selections on bugle, including Taps

User recordings

You can expand your library using a MIDI keyboard or compatible organ to add your own custom recordings. Chime.Center also supports MIDI file loading so you can make your own arrangements using notation software such as Sibelius or Finale.


Millennium AX Ringing List (PDF)
Ringing for every occasion

  • Time strikes with or without Westminster chime
  • Tolling bells for memorials
  • De Profundis curfew toll
  • Quick toll function with bell select, tempo and count/duration option
  • Swinging bells for times of Worship and Mass
  • Peals of multiple bells for festive occasions
  • Angelus and prayer bells

Premium Chime.Center subscribers will find Custom Ringing on Chime.Center's Music menu. You can use this screen to customize existing factory supplied ringing or create your own.

  • Combine swinging bells into custom peals
  • Make a permanent toll button with its own bell, tempo and duration options
  • Create custom time strike melodies

Library Upgrades

One add-on bundle is included in purchase price. Additional bundles can be purchased when you contact our office. Copyrighted music can only be used in the US. With an internet connection, the Millennium AX library can be expanded with these add-on bundles:

  • In Memoriam (licensed copyrighted music) PDF listing
  • Catholic (licensed copyrighted music) PDF listing
  • Maronite PDF listing
  • Ethnic libraries such as Spanish, Greek, Polish, Ukrainian and others
  • others to be announced



Rear panel view

  • MIDI keyboard support
    • Keyboard performance recording
    • Standard MIDI jack on rear panel
      • Single MIDI channel support (carillon or split on one keyboard)
    • USB connection will accept a USB MIDI keyboard
    • Available keyboard options
  • Professional balanced audio outputs (one inside and one outside)
  • Amplifier control for Chime Master audio systems
  • Wired Ethernet network interface (optional WiFi available separately)
  • Optional outside tower bell and clock interfaces


  • Handsome cabinet for tabletop use
  • Available rack mounting brackets
  • 16.5 W x 5.25 H x 8 D (inch)
  • 9 lb.

This specification is for 2022 model year shipments beginning July 2021. Subject to change.