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The Chime Master Practice Clavier is a MIDI keyboard controller that uses the pedals and manual baton keys like those used to perform music on concert sized tower carillon instruments. The first design goal was affordability, a close secondary goal was the faithful feel of the clapper weight on the manual keys. All who have tried this instrument have judged it a success on both points.

Whether you’re an aspiring musician or professional carillonneur, you can enhance your skill and expertise without leaving the comfort of home. Even if the nearest carillon tower is quite a distance away, you can ensure you’ll always be ready for a performance. Combining quality and affordability into a standards compliant, touch sensitive package, the Chime Master Practice Clavier is designed to provide a realistic carillon experience.

Chime Master Practice Claviers are available for purchase as a kit or fully assembled and delivered to your door.

Fully assembled Practice Claviers are also available to rent for a modest monthly fee.

Features and Specifications

Standard MIDI

The output of the keyboard will plug into any MIDI instrument. A standard five-pin MIDI cable is supplied. A USB cable is available for triggering computer based sound plug-ins. Velocity data translates the speed of the baton to a dynamic response from the audio system.

Standard Geometry

The Guild of Carilloneurs of North America and the World Carillon Federation have made the WCF-2006 keyboard standard an ideal compromise between Dutch and American keyboards that were made up to that time. The baton spacing allows the four-octave instrument to be transported in many mid sized cars and mini-vans. The manual keyboard detaches from the pedal board for portability.

Concert Size

The manual has a scope of 49 keys from C1 to C5, with 20 pedals from C1 to G2 with no missing semitones.


  • 43 inches high x 60 inches wide x 26-1/2 deep (56 inches high with music stand)
  • Weight 452 lbs.


Practice Clavier specification sheet (PDF)