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If the touch screen light has timed out, click the power light to turn it on and set the brightness. The lock screen features a large clock display. Tap the clock to bring up the login screen.


The AX front panel login screen accepts a numeric PIN to identify and authenticate local users. When the correct PIN has been entered, the system will display the user's customized home screen.

Only these action are functional while not logged in

Lock screen

Tap the padlock to return to the lock clock screen. If the system doesn't recognize the PIN, you can try again after tapping the lock screen.

Front panel speakers

The top left toolbar includes a Front Speaker Control with three volume settings, Mute, Low and Loud. This speaker control temporarily only affects the front panel speakers. Any inside PA equipment or speakers connected to the rear panel of the system are not affected. The outside speakers are not affected. At the next scheduled concert, the front speakers will revert to the default setting.

Cancel current concert

The gold colored power light can also be used to cancel any concerts in progress. Double click the power light to cancel. This affects all speakers everywhere.

Power off the system

Press and hold the gold power light until it turns red and release. The system will shut down. This is indicated by a solid blue light. To restart the system click the blue light once.

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