The Libertas™ advanced computer control head keeps time and supports all bell ringing traditions. In addition to controlling your bells automatically, it will keep electric tower clock movements in sync with the bells. Up to ten weekly ringing schedules are stored in FLASH memory to be activated on specific or annual dates. The system can be networked and accessed using our exclusive mobile remote control app and Management software.

Bell control head configurations

  • Basic bell ringing for 1 to 6 bells
  • Chime and carillon music ringing
  • Bell automation with audio

All Libertas controllers support tower clocks as well as bell ringing.

The basic wall mount controller supports a single bell, a peal of bells or a chime of eight or more bells with music and MIDI keyboard input. An optional rack mounted control is available, that can also include an optional bell sound module to facilitate hearing the chime/carillon inside (and while the real bells are silent for keyboard practice).

Millennium and Platinum carillons support control of tower bells as well as amplified bells through outdoor speaker systems.

A hybrid system that we call Veritas, will augment real tower bells with amplified digital sampled bells. A chime can have missing notes added with the realism of our inSpire audio system. Each instrument is custom designed to perfectly blend with existing bells.

Music Libraries

Music libraries for automated bell controllers are available for standard sets of bells from an 8-bell diatonic chime (one octave) to 49 or more bells chromatic (four octaves or more). The number of selections available for various chimes and carillons listed in the following table are accurate for 2011, and include ringing functions available in the internal selection list.

Library Description Catalog Code Total Musical Selections
8 Bell Chime 080 150
9 Bell Chime with flat 7 081 300
10 Bell Chime with flat 7 091 575
11 Bell Chime with flat 7 101 630
11 Bell Chime with sharp 4 and flat 7 092 650
12 Bell Chime with flat 7 111 720
12 Bell Chime with sharp 4 and flat 7 102 750
13 Bell Chime with sharp 4 and flat 7 112 880
14 Bell Chime with sharp 4 and flat 7 122 930
23 Bell Carillon 252 1000
35 Bell Carillon 372 1090
47 Bell Carillon 492 1110

Swinging Simulation on Stationary Bells

For bell controllers, the swinging simulation parameters are in the Setup Menu - Swinging Bell Timing. For Millennium carillons with the T option, the parameters are set using the Management Suite. Swing time is in seconds for a complete cycle fore-swing and back-swing. A back-swing parameter is also available to imitate a rope-pulled swinging bell. Various swing time settings determine the tempo of the ringing. Larger bells will naturally swing with a slower tempo than smaller bells. The tempo in the following table is given in beats per minute.

Swinging Bell Timing
Swing Time Bell Weight Bell Size Tempo
1.6 <150 lbs <20 inch 75
2.0 150-300 20-24 60
2.4 300-500 24-30 50
2.8 500-800 30-35 43
3.2 800-1500 35-42 38
3.6 1500-2000 42-50 33
4.0 2000-4000 50-56 30
4.4 4000-6000 56-68 27
4.8 6000-7000 68-72 25
5.2 7000+ 72+ 23

Chime/Carillon Peals

The bells used to ring for each of the six swinging bell channels can be customized for the scope of the set of bells being controlled. An example Westminster peal of bells might use the following defaults:

C1 D1 E1 G1 A1 C2

The default four bell Major peal (C1 E1 G1 C2 - channels 1, 3, 4, 6) is selection code is 5504.

A large three bell Major peal (C1 E1 G1 - channels 1, 3, 4) is selection code 3904.

A small inverted three bell major peal (E1 G1 C2 - channels 3, 4, 6) is selection 4804.

A three bell Diatonic peal (C1 D1 E1 - channels 1, 2, 3) is selection code 3704.

A three bell Te Deum peal (E1 G1 A1 - channels 3, 4, 5) is selection code 4604.

Other combinations are available and will be programmed for your particular peal to sound its best.

Time Strikes

Time striking capability is can be programmed to start and end at any time for each day of the week. The quarter hour chiming option can be enabled for all or parts of the ringing schedule. A variety of chime melodies and sequences can be selected to match the scope of your bells and them notes available.