Libertas LX


The Chime Master® Libertas LX is an automatic bell control system for one to six bells. This product is designed and built specifically for the purpose of automatic church bell ringing.

Included weekly scheduling features provide flawless performance year after year without intervention for most congregations. Additional flexibility can be added with the optional Premium Management software for automated schedule changes.

Swinging bells, pealing bells, clock striking and prayer bells are all included.

Ringing features

  • Call to Worship/Mass bells
  • Festive Pealing Bells
  • Swinging bells
  • Prayer and Angelus Bells
  • DeProfundis
  • Funeral Tolls
    • Timed tolling
    • Counted tolling up to 199
  • Time striking
    • with or without chime melodies
    • easy setup for ringing times
    • choose full quarters, half or top strike only
  • Selectable time strike melodies (for supported bell combinations)
    • Westminster (5-bells)
    • Westminster (4-bells)
    • Christus Vincit (requires 6-bells of specific pitch)
    • Warren
    • Bigelow
    • Parsifal
    • Avondale (Ding-Dong on two bells or Dong-Dong on one bell)
    • Nautical (authentic Ship's Time)

Distinguishing features

  • Made in Ohio, USA
  • Five Year Chime Care Warranty for electronic components
  • Electrical panels in tower support bell ringing components (new or many existing)
    • Tolling hammers
    • Stationary bell clappers
    • Swinging bell motors
  • Set it and forget it ease of use
  • Nonvolatile memory and battery backup for clock
    • Ensures ringing schedule recovery
    • Tower clocks recover from power outages
  • PIN code keypad access security
  • Automatic Daylight time switching
  • Wall mount standard
    • Table top or Rack mounting options


  • Radio remote control
  • Tower clock driver and interface box
    • Control for modern minute impulse clock movements
    • Automatic correction of clock dials after power interruption
    • Clock status monitoring and error display
  • Four conductor data cable to tower
    • System powered from tower up to 300 feet
    • Optional 100-240VAC to 12VDC power adapter


  • Data
    • Tower CAT5 or dual twisted pair cabling
      • T - Data +/- to tower accessories
      • P - Power +/- from tower
        • required to power interface even if using local power supply input
      • Chassis Ground - connect to local safety earth ground
    • Direct connection to Chime Master bell relay panels
    • Supports Chime Master clock movements and interfaces


  • Without brackets or stand
    • 5-1/4 inches high, 9 inches wide, 2-1/4 inches deep
    • 2 lbs weight
  • With tabletop stand
    • 5-3/4 inches high, 9 inches wide, 5-1/2 inches deep
    • 2-3/4 pounds weight
  • Wall mount
    • 5-1/4 inches high, 9 inches wide, 2-3/4 deep
    • 3 pounds weight
  • Rack mount
    • 5-1/4 inches (3U) high, 19 inches wide, 2-1/4 inches deep
    • 3-1/4 pounds weight