Keyboard sensitivity setup menu

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You may find that when you play softly, the notes are not playing loud enough. Your MIDI organ keyboard may not be touch-sensitive, and the notes play too harshly. Both cases can be adjusted for with the Touch Sensitivity menu.

Opening the Menu

Open the System Setup Menu by pressing the front panel green Enter button so that you read Main Menu on the top line of the display.
Press the number 3 and the flashing lower line will read System Setup Menu then press the Enter button again.
Press the number 6 and the flashing lower line will read Keyboard Sensitivity then press the Enter button again.

Something similar to the following screen will appear (the blinking cursor position is shown in bold).

Keyboard Sensitivity
Light:1 Heavy:8

Navigating the Menu

You can use the grey left and right cursors to switch between Light and Heavy Values. While either the Light or Heavy value is flashing you can use the up and down grey cursors to adjust the setting or press a valid digit from the front panel. Numbers 1 to 8 represent how hard the bell is struck with the keyboard is played lightly or heavily.

Closing the Menu

When you are finished press the green Enter button to save your changes or press the red Cancel to discard them.