Keyboard AX

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This menu allows you to practice (inside sound only), record (and save) or play live (outside speakers) using your AX unit with your midi instrument. Opening Keyboard Performance will cancel anything that is currently playing. Manually or automatically scheduled music is suspended while in this menu.

The six colored buttons below Primary Keyboard can be assigned or edited by tapping Instruments under Settings. On the Keyboard Settings screen, you may choose the six voices to assign to the main Keyboard screen. For each one, you may choose to have one instrument over the whole keyboard, or split the single keyboard in two, providing accompaniment on a harp instrument. When you have made your choices, tap return. You will see your changes on the top buttons. If you have a secondary keyboard connected to your system, you may set the primary keyboard as any single or dual instrument and your secondary keyboard as any harp instrument.

The Keyboard(s) you have selected will have a white border. A Keyboard can be changed at any time, even during a recording or performance, as long as it is displayed on the main Keyboard screen.

The volume slider only adjusts inside volume. By default, when you open Keyboard Performance, the outside speakers are off, so any keyboard playing will only be heard inside. This is the practice mode.

To use the record feature, tap the record button to start recording and tap it again to stop. You can listen to your recording before saving it by tapping the green play button; the red stop button will stop the playback. If you wish to save your recording, tap the grey save button and type a title for your piece. If you do not wish to save your recording, simply record over it. Any recording which is not saved and titled will be lost with the next recording.

You can play a live performance by turning the outside speakers on. You may also record while playing live. The same instructions apply. When you play back your recording, the outside speakers automatically turn off. Save the recording to play it outside.

Recordings may be saved into an existing album. A unique title is required to save the recording.