This menu allows you to practice (inside sound only), record (and save) or play live (outside speakers) using your AX unit with your midi instrument. Opening Keyboard Performance will cancel anything that is currently playing. Manually or automatically scheduled music is suspended while in this menu.

Keyboard performance screen

The left side of the screen has eight instrument selectors for up to two keyboards. On the right is a volume control for the inside speakers. Top middle are the recording controls. At the bottom in the Settings section is an Instruments button to customize the instrument selectors and an outside speaker enable switch (normally off). You can play a live performance by turning the outside speakers on. You may also record while playing live. When you audition your recording in the the keyboard screen, the outside speakers are automatically muted.

Primary keyboard

If you only have a single keyboard, use the primary keyboard instrument selection buttons to select your voice. The selected instrument will be highlighted. Instruments may be selected at any time, including while you are recording your performance.

Harp keyboard

Harp instruments are provided for a second keyboard channel, typically an alternate organ manual. MIDI channels are set up in the Keyboard configuration screen on the system settings menu (not the instrument settings).

Recording and playback

To use the record feature, tap the record button (red button with round icon) to enable recording. Recording will begin when you play the first note. Tap the record button again to end the recording. You can listen to your recording before you save it by tapping the green play button; the red stop button will stop the playback. If you wish to save your recording, tap the grey save button and type a title for your piece. If you do not wish to save your recording, simply record again. Any recording which is not saved and titled will be lost with the next recording.


The volume slider only adjusts inside volume. By default, when you open Keyboard Performance, the outside speakers are off, so any keyboard playing will only be heard inside. This is the practice mode.


The six Primary Keyboard instruments can be assigned by tapping the Instruments button in the Settings section. Choose the six lead or solo voices on the left side of the screen. For each button, you may choose to have either a solo instrument, or split the keyboard and select an accompaniment harp instrument for the left hand. When you have made your choices, tap return. The selector buttons will reflect your changes.