Jukebox MS

Jukebox Concert menu button

The Jukebox app lets you create and save play lists that can be used for special events and concerts. It is much more flexible than the carillon’s built-in manual mode.


Get available titles

The right title pane comes with default titles. For a more complete listing, you need to get the library listing from your carillon unit. Go to Titles - Get Titles from Device or click the button on the tool bar. It should display the list momentarily. Once the Title list is downloaded, you may select the type of music available from the Titles pull-down above the list. Familiarize yourself with the menus and available options. Context menus for each pane are available with a right mouse click.

Create a play list

A play list must be created before any music or special functions can be played by Jukebox. You can save play lists for different occasions in separate files.

Search the titles

If you know any part of a selection title or number, the find tool makes them easier to locate. Open the Find window from the Edit menu or by pressing [Ctrl-F].

In most cases search results will appear at the top of the window, however, one or more will be visible with a gray selection number at the current position of the list. Closing the Find window will show the found selection in a higher contrast color. Clicking Find Next will move to the next occurrence of the search text.

Add titles to the playlist

Once a desired title is found, you may simply drag-and-drop the number into your play list from the current title list. Copy and Paste can also be used by right mouse clicking in the appropriate list, using the toolbar buttons, Edit menu, or [Ctrl+C] (copy) and [Ctrl+V] (paste) on your keyboard. Keep in mind that multiple selections can be highlighted before bringing into the play list window by using [Ctrl] and/or [Shift].

Note that only the selection numbers are highlighted when selections are marked. Selections can be repeated in the play list any number of times.

Moving and removing selections

Selections can be added to the play list in any order. Re-order the play list using the Move Selections Up and Move Selections Down buttons. Another easy method is to use [Ctrl] and/or [Shift] to highlight selections, and then click and hold left-mouse while dragging to any position on the list where you wish to drop them. Selections will be grouped together in one block, in the same order they first appeared. Note, however, that the move up and down commands keep the original number of “gaps” between multiple, spaced apart selections when moving, whereas dragging with the mouse lumps them together.

Another way to change the order is to double click the column headings to sort by selection number or title. Re-ordering in this way does not flag the file for saving (by putting an asterisk next to the file name). You must intentionally save the sort order if you want to keep it. The delete function (“X”) will take any and all selected titles off of the currently open play list. There is no undo for deletions. Deleted titles must be manually re-added to the play list.

Create your own title for a code

There may be cases when you wish to rename a selection to something more familiar or create a personalized description. Click on Create Title in the toolbar, enter the appropriate code number, enter your new title, and type the series it belongs to if you wish. The new title and selection number will appear only in this play list.

Playing your concert

The three play controls are Play, Next Selection and Cancel All. You can also start playing the playlist from the carillon hand-held remote control if the playlist is displayed in the active Jukebox window.

Play modes

Pull down your choice of All or Selected. For the latter, if you wish to only play certain selections from the chosen play list hold [Ctrl] and/or [Shift] on your keyboard to help highlight the selection numbers you want to play. Note that if Play Mode – Selected is active, but no selection numbers are marked, clicking Play will have no result.

Random and Repeat modes

The Random button plays the list in random order so no selection plays twice until all have been played. Click the Repeat button to keep repeating the current play cycle. Both of these buttons are highlighted as long as they are active, and both can be used together. When both are selected, the random order will change every repeat cycle.

Selection Advance, Stop, and Closing

The Advance button is clicked to cancel the current selection being played and begin playing the next selection. To cancel the entire concert, click the Stop button.

If you close the Jukebox window during playback the concert will conclude after the current selection has completed.

Remote Activation

When a playlist is open in the active window, the PLAY button on the remote control will activate the current play mode. Pressing the STOP button once will cancel the current selection and begin playing the next selection. Pressing the STOP button to cancel the current selection, then pressing immediately again will cancel the remainder of the play list (a double click).

Viewing Options

Premium screen mode can be selected from the View menu and serves as a large sign for passerby to see what is being played in a kiosk situation. This screen is customizable from the Change Full Screen Look panel of the View menu. Right-click to exit full screen mode or press [Esc] on your keyboard.