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Firmware update menu button

Management Suite can be used to update the firmware of you carillon unit. The latest standard firmware is included with each release of the Management Suite software. If customized features have been installed on your system, or foreign language support, these features may be lost if you update your firmware with the standard firmware supplied. Call if you are not sure if you need to update.

After launching the update application, click the Update button in the window. All of the update files that are applicable to your system will be displayed. The last four digits indicate the revision number and year of release in the format RNYY. Use the highest revision number of the most recent year when you select the file.

If we email the firmware update file to you, save the attachment to your desktop, and then drag it into the Open file dialog windows so you can select it.

Obtaining newer firmware

Sometimes we release firmware for systems between Management Suite updates. Before downloading firmware directly, make sure your Management Suite is at the latest version.

To obtain new firmware for your system without updating Management Suite, open the Advanced Downloads link on the Software downloads and updates page