Daylight Saving setup menu

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This initialization menu is used for modifying daylight time dates.

Open the menu

Open the DST date menu by powering off the bell system, wait a few seconds and power back on while holding the 1 button on the front panel. The screen will come up with the following displayed:

 Start: 2nd Su Mo:Mar
   End: 1st Su Mo:Nov

Change the dates

The cursor left and right buttons will move the blinking cursor over the six elements shown above in bold. While each element is blinking, the cursor up and down buttons change the display.

Save the dates

Press the green Enter button after making the changes to save and reboot the system.

Exit the menu

Press the red Cancel button to abort changes and reboot the system.

Daylight time can be disabled in Seasonal Options for electronic carillons or in Misc. Options for bell control systems.