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[[Media:Ref-AZ-Ajo-ImmaculateConceptionRCC-5533.pdf|Ajo]] - I love your spirit of availability and listening culture
[[Media:Ref-AZ-Ajo-ImmaculateConceptionRCC-5533.pdf|Ajo]] - I love your spirit of availability and listening culture
=== Arkansas ===
[[Media:Ref-AR-ForrestCity-GrahamMemorial-1042.pdf|Ajo]] - a "contribution to the spiritual life of the city."
=== California ===
=== California ===
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[[Media:Ref-MI-TraverseCity-CentralUMC-1929.pdf|Traverse City]] - Beautiful convincing sounds as promised
[[Media:Ref-MI-TraverseCity-CentralUMC-1929.pdf|Traverse City]] - Beautiful convincing sounds as promised
=== Minnesota ===
=== Mississippi ===
=== Mississippi ===
[[Media:Ref-MS-Biloxi-EpiscopalRedeemer-4654.pdf|Biloxi]] - Joyous Easter service
[[Media:Ref-MS-McCool-Mt.ZionPresbyterian-5934.pdf|McCool]] - Church has rebirth with the help of Chime Master
=== Missouri ===
=== Missouri ===

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Millennium Carillon with inSpire Audio

Deagan Tower Chime renovation and automation


PDF letter scans:


Calvert - Small country church, many positive comments from the community


Ajo - I love your spirit of availability and listening culture


Ajo - a "contribution to the spiritual life of the city."


Antioch - Feels "like a real church!"


Broomfield - Bell refurbishing and new MagForce ringing equipment

Denver - Automation update for University of Denver carillon tower


Cromwell - Turn it up!

Meriden - Historic Holbrook bell rings again.


Wilmington - "Something about the sweet sound of bells..."


Islamorada - Remarkable features, easy to use, your service lives up to your reputation

Jacksonville - Church bells are easy to use. Your product performs as advertised

Key Largo - Returning customer, bell refurbishing, quality work and customer support

Miami - Chime Master is a pleasure to deal with, beautiful sound

St. Petersburg - Church bells call us to pause to peacefully reflect on our freedom


Galeton - 43 positive comments on Twitter

Hartwell - Positive comments from people in the area.


Palos Park - Bell refurbishing - proficient, prompt and courteous work and unbeatable prices


Middlebury - Pastor is a repeat customer and both churches are very pleased.


Dyersville - Music selection, tonal quality, ease of installation, cost and features - made me change my quick decision!

Fort Dodge - Your sales personnel and installation crew are, without exception, what we consider to be the finest

Tipton - After I heard the first song, it was worth every dime


Hutchinson - Pastor is a repeat customer. Excellent Sound and trouble free system.

Ottawa - Great sound, professional installation, helpful staff.


Bagdad - New church bells bring new members

Jenkins - Our bells are exquisite!

Mount Sterling - County Courthouse - No one suspected the bells are simulated and we aren't telling!

Rockport - Helpful staff, uplifting sound, fund raising and outreach


Crowley - St. Michael's is alive again!

Baton Rouge - We love the app! Everyone here uses it.


Union Bridge - Quick upgrade of an old system - thankful community.


Attleboro - I thank your company for being so transparent and trustworthy toward your clients.


Cass City - people are amazed with the Chime Master's capabilities

Grosse Pointe - Yacht Club bell control - delighted with the ringing of ships' time

Traverse City - Beautiful convincing sounds as promised


Biloxi - Joyous Easter service

McCool - Church has rebirth with the help of Chime Master


Wappapello Lake - very affordable system has given us the ability to touch everyone in this neighborhood


Helena - fund raising with annual memorial music subscriptions

New York

Jamestown - Great service the week before Easter

North Carolina

Marion - Available installation instructions and patient support - works like a charm

Robbinsville - chimes are definitely an asset to the church

Taylorsville - Little country church, affordable chime system

Yanceyville - Easy: Set it and forget it!


Lucas - Beautiful sound, wonderful service

Waynesfield - Neighbors want to hear more!


Nanty Glo - Northeastern US Representative, Mr. Christopher Duffy

South Dakota

Sisseton - The Lord's Prayer perspective


Pleasant View - appreciates lack of maintenance.

Jackson - a ministry which cuts across social lines.


Decatur - the bells have brought a warmth to our community

West Virginia


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