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Chime Master LX with table-top stand


The Chime Master® LX is a digital electronic carillon. Included in the Chime Master LX are the essential carillon music and bell ringing that every church should have.

This product is a stand-alone professional audio component, designed and built specifically for the purpose of automatic church bell ringing. It is completely solid state with no moving parts. All church bell ringing and music is stored as digital audio in reliable FLASH memory.

Included weekly scheduling features provide flawless performance year after year without intervention for most congregations.

Experienced church musicians have arranged and performed each hymn specifically for the musical bell voice you choose. Swinging bells, pealing bells, clock striking and prayer bells are also included at no extra cost.


  • Liturgical bell and clock functions are in the traditional cast bronze bell voice
  • Available musical voicings
    • Concert Chime and Harp Bells
    • English Cast Bronze Carillon
  • Bugles
    • Taps
  • Bagpipes:
    • Amazing Grace


  • Made in Ohio, USA
  • No Moving Parts
  • Three Year Chime Care Warranty
  • Set it and forget it ease of use
  • User SD/MP3 card slot for user audio files
  • Chime Master exclusive SmartAlmanac
    • Supports liturgical season changes through 2099
    • Eastern calendar with Orthodox Lent and Easter can be installed at time of order
    • Automatic Daylight time switching
  • Hundreds of musical chime selections for all seasons
  • Church bell liturgical ringing
    • Call to Worship/Mass bells
    • Festive Pealing Bells
    • Swinging bell recordings with natural endings
    • Volume fades out bells when manually stopped
    • Prayer and Angelus Bells
    • Funeral Tolls
  • Time striking
    • with or without Westminster Chime
    • easy setup for ringing times
    • choose full quarters, half or top strike only
  • Rack Mountable
  • Built-in monitor speaker


  • Brackets and stands
    • Table top stand
    • Wall mount bracket
    • Rack mount bracket


  • Balanced line level audio outputs
    • Outside with horn-protect filter
    • Inside to PA with full fidelity
  • GPS time sync input
  • USB computer interface
  • 12VDC power input
    • Included power supply for 100-240 VAC


  • Without brackets or stand
    • 5-1/4 inches high, 9 inches wide, 2-1/4 inches deep
  • With tabletop stand
    • 5-3/4 inches high, 9 inches wide, 5-1/2 inches deep
    • 2-3/4 pounds weight