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(Electronic Carillon Systems)
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=== Electronic Carillon Systems ===
=== Electronic Carillon Systems ===
Operating instructions and music listings for:
*Platinum Carillon
*Platinum Carillon
*Millennium Carillon
*Millennium Carillon
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*Essentials Carillon
*Essentials Carillon
*Legacy Compact Disc Carillons
*Legacy Compact Disc Carillons
=== Bell Ringing Products ===
=== Bell Ringing Products ===

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Chime Master® Help

If you are unable to find what you are looking for here, we would be glad to help you on our help line: 800-432-3977.


Bell Terminology

  • Musical
  • Ringing
  • Electrical

Information About Bells

  • General Campanology
  • Cast Bell Foundries
  • Bell Ringing Components
  • Bell Instruments



  • Listen to bell ringing
  • View bell ringing video

Electronic Bell Ringing

  • Component Specifications
  • Typical Systems
  • Comparisons

Survey Your Site

  • Measure existing church bells
  • Survey your tower or steeple
  • Clock movements, dials and hands
  • Rooftop mounting survey


The following pages contain installation instructions for Chime Master products.

Electronic Carillon Systems

  • Carillon with Standard Amplifier
  • Carillon with Premium Amplifier
  • Speaker connections
  • Speaker mounting bracket

Automatic Bell Ringing Products

  • Relay panel for a single bell
  • Relay panel for up to four bells
  • Relay panel for up to 16 bells
  • Internal clapper hookup and adjustment
  • External hammer hookup and adjustment
  • intelliSwing 2052 Motor hookup
  • intelliSwing Precision system
  • MagForce motor system

Tower Clocks

  • 24VAC Minute impulse interface
  • 120VAC Synchronous movement interface


Read instructions for getting the best results when using our bell ringing systems.

Electronic Carillon Systems

Operating instructions and music listings for:

  • Platinum Carillon
  • Millennium Carillon
  • Six-SS Carillon
  • Essentials Carillon
  • Legacy Compact Disc Carillons

Bell Ringing Products

  • Manual bell control system
  • Automatic ringing for one bell
  • Automatic ringing for up to six bells
  • Automatic chime and carillon control


Keep your bells up to date and maintained.


  • Tower work and hazards
  • Ladder and roof work


  • Bell Inspection Checklist

Service Checklists

  • Preventive Maintenance Service
  • Servicing Swinging Bells
  • Servicing automatic bell ringing equipment
  • Maintaining manual chime and carillon actions


  • Updating your Chime Master
  • Backup battery replacement