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= <strong>Chime Master Help</strong> =
= <strong>Chime Master&reg Help</strong> =
== Learn ==
== Learn ==

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Chime Master&reg Help


Glossary of Bells and Ringing Technology

  • Musical
  • Materials
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical


Electronic Bell Ringing

  • Component Specifications
  • Typical Systems
  • Comparisons

Survey Your Site

  • Measure existing church bells
  • Survey your tower or steeple
  • Clock movements, dials and hands
  • Rooftop mounting survey


Download installation diagrams for our bell and clock systems.


Read instructions for getting the best results when using our bell ringing systems.

  • Chime Master Carillons
  • Instructions for Church Bell automation


Keep your bells up to date and maintained.

  • Safety precautions
  • Updating your Chime Master
  • Bell Inspection Checklist
  • Servicing Swinging Bells
  • Servicing automatic bell ringing equipment
  • Maintaining manual chime and carillon actions