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* Backup battery replacement
* Backup battery replacement
* [[Wind_effects_on_the_sound_of_bells|Wind effects on the sound of bells]]
* [[Wind_effects_on_the_sound_of_bells|Wind effects on the sound of bells]]

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It is our intention to publish all of our documentation for both current and legacy products in this Wiki for your convenience. If you are unable to find what you are looking for here, we would be glad to help you.

  • Contact a customer support technician on our help line: 800-432-3977.
  • Email a request for specific documents on our Support Page, using the Request a Call button. We can send you a PDF file of your operating manual or installation instruction sheet.

Learn about bells

Evaluate Our Products and Services

Choosing a Bell Company

What do Chime Master bells sound like?


Electronic Carillon Systems

Survey Your Situation


The following pages contain installation instructions for Chime Master products.


Electronic Carillon Systems

Automatic Bell Ringing Products

Tower Clocks

  • 24VAC Minute impulse interface
  • 120VAC Synchronous movement interface


Read instructions for getting the best results when using our bell ringing systems.

Electronic Carillon Systems

Operating instructions and music listings for:

Bell Ringing Products

  • Manual bell control system
  • Automatic ringing for one bell
  • Automatic ringing for up to six bells
  • Automatic chime and carillon control



Keep your bells up to date and maintained.


  • Tower work and hazards
  • Ladder and roof work


  • Bell Inspection Checklist

Service Checklists

  • Preventive Maintenance Service
  • Servicing Swinging Bells
  • Servicing automatic bell ringing equipment
  • Maintaining manual chime and carillon actions


  • Updating your Chime Master