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Complete control and management of your Advanced eXperience bell ringing system from anywhere you have a connected web browser.

Feature list

This lists includes all features which may be limited by user privilege, subscription level and system model.

  • Portal and ringing system secured with strong encryption
  • User management
  • Home - reflects the user's functionality of the mobile remote control
    • Custom front panel and remote menus per user
  • Music
    • Searchable catalog with play functions
    • Organize music in albums
    • Upload or delete music
  • SmartAlmanac™ plays appropriate music throughout the year
    • Create and edit seasonal start and end dates
    • Add and remove albums from seasons
  • Schedule
    • Create and edit weekly, monthly, annual and single events
    • Configure Time Strike and Angelus ringing
    • Review history to determine what has played and what is going to play - and review why:
      • if selection triggered automatically or manually
        • if automatically, the reviewer may change the time of the event
      • if the hymn is a SmartAlmanac seasonal selection, then prompts from the timeline are provided to
        • remove the selection from the album it played from
        • ban the selection from SmartAlmanac performances
        • remove the album from the current season
        • change the season's dates
  • Keyboard performance and recording
    • customize settings
  • System settings
  • System security and feature updates
  • Automatic backups


Chime Center Subscription Options
Feature Free Premium
Remote from anywhere YES YES
Multiple users YES YES
Schedule management YES YES
Customizable SmartAlmanac™ music librarian YES YES
MIDI file loading support per model Millennium and Platinum Millennium and Platinum
Audio file loading support per model Platinum Platinum
Software updates YES YES
Backup schedule and settings no YES
Backup audio and recordings no YES
Custom Ringing editor no YES
Complex Schedule management no Optional
Factory technician programming pay per request unlimited

Feature descriptions

Multiple Users

Chime Center provides multiple users to each have a customized menu of functionality. The administrator can create additional user accounts for system access from the front panel, remote control and Chime Center. Each user will see a unique screen and options. Users can have a range of permissions including the ability to edit their own home screen. Remote access by each user can be limited by day of the week and valid hours.

User customization

The following features are user's home screen options:

  • Schedule - removal prevents user from modifying schedules
  • Settings - removal prevents user from modifying system settings
  • Keyboard - removal prevents user from using the keyboard
  • Quick functions can be set per user for needed manual bell ringing

User privilege levels

  • Invite other users (via valid email)
    • set their privilege level
    • set their screen unlock PIN code
    • customize their screen
  • Unlimited system settings and scheduling
Power User
  • Feature options enabled by Administrator
    • Remote control access
    • Play selection (manual play)
    • Keyboard performance and recording options
    • Scheduling
    • Music librarian and SmartAlmanac™ season editing
    • System settings
Basic User
  • No access to schedulers or settings
  • Optional remote control access
  • Optional keyboard mode access
  • Optional Play selection access
  • Home and remote screen set by administrator
  • Usage times set by administrator

SmartAlmanac seasonal music

Add, disable or edit liturgical seasons. Manage seasonal music by creating, editing and assigning music albums to seasons.

Media loading

Millennium and Platinum systems support MIDI file chime and carillon arrangements made with popular notation software. Platinum systems support audio files that can be used for music, announcements or warning signals.

Software updates

The system will accept regular updates, as they are released, to improve functionality and enhance security. No user interaction is required.


All systems will have their schedule database backed up regularly. In the event the system should need replaced, the replacement will be restored from previous system schedule backups.

Premium features

Premium subscribers have additional cloud storage and support for the following features:

Complete system backup
Millennium and Platinum models will backup
user uploaded media files
keyboard recordings
Album and Seasonal database
Custom Ringing editor
Create different lengths of swinging and tolling bells
Create your own peal combinations of swinging bells
Create your own clock chiming melodies
Create your own Angelus or prayer bell patterns
Complex scheduling option
Ninety-five percent of users will be more than satisfied with our standard scheduling features. Premium Chime Center subscribers can have more sophisticated scheduling management menus providing seasonal schedule variations.
Customer must request this feature as it adds complexity to the scheduling menus that most users do not need.
Worship and Mass times can be scheduled differently during a scheduling season.
Normal Worship and Mass times can be inhibited during a scheduling season.
Time strikes and Angelus styles and schedules can be modified during scheduling seasons.
Chime Center must be used to review and edit seasonal schedules.
The front panel scheduling screens can only review and edit the non-seasonal schedule.

Factory management

Factory management requires the ringing system to be Internet connected. After consulting with our customer service representatives by phone or email, you can expect the programming to be completed within two business days.

  • Premium subscribers may use this service as much as they need it at no additional charge.
  • Free subscribers will be charged for schedule and setting changes per request.