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*[[Premium_Amplifier|Premium Amplifier]]
*[[Premium_Amplifier|Premium Amplifier]]
** Premium 70V Amplifier
*[[Standard_Amplifier|Standard Amplifier]]
*[[Standard_Amplifier|Standard Amplifier]]

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Chime Master Systems can put together a custom bell ringing system comprised of quality components that will provide lasting value.

Electronic Carillon Units

These units are the heart of a carillon system that provides the user interface, the master clock, the ringing library, and most importantly the bell sounds themselves. To create a complete system, add new or existing working amplifiers and outside speakers.

Carillon Audio Components

These components are also packaged into systems for typical church bell installations.



Outdoor Speakers

Typical system installations feature four Premium long-throw horns. inSpire systems deliver breath taking realistic bell ringing reproduction.

Mixing full range and long throw horns in a system requires the inSpire DSP amplifier for proper crossover and optimum combined frequency response and time correction for custom installations. All inSpire speakers include stainless steel mounting brackets. Each speaker is available with custom dispersion patterns for single-omni or multiple-directional projection.

inSpire Full-range Horns
  • inSpire Twelve Twelve inch 2-way Armor Gray LLDPE weather resistant Horn
  • inSpire Sub Twelve inch sub woofer Armor Gray LLDPE
Long Throw Horns
  • Premium Horns
  • Premium Drivers
  • Standard Horns
  • Standard Drivers
  • Roof horn cluster roof-peak bracket
Bell Shell Speakers
  • Bell Shell with conical horn speaker
  • Bell Shell with 2-way full range speaker

Indoor Speakers

  • Inside Monitor


Remote Control


Keyboards for Millennium and Platinum carillons.

  • AGO Touch responsive keyboard
  • WCF Touch responsive carillon clavier