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Occasionally we will need to wire between buildings. Free standing towers are included in this type of installation needing speaker audio wiring, power and/or control cabling.

Always Use Conduit

Use Schedule 40 or 80 PVC. Run separate tubes for high voltage electrical and low voltage speaker lines and control cables. Minimize turns and use sweeps. Include a pull string.

Always Use PVC

Depending on your soils, aluminum conduit will be destroyed in 2 or 3 years, and galvanized steel in 5 to 10. Always use PVC.

Deep and Wide

Bury at least 18 inches below finished grade. Keep high and low voltage conduits at least one foot from each other.

Cement is safe

Encase conduits in 'slurry in a sack' of cement, sand and if possible an unnatural color to signal future digging equipment operators. When they hit man made sandstone, an investigation should ensue before damage is done.