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This checklist is to help us understand what components and infrastructure may be in place that can be re-used to update your bell ringing system.

Power available

  • Single Phase (220, 230, 240 or other VAC): Two hot legs, optional Neutral?
  • Three Phase (208, 212 or other VAC): Three hot legs
  • Existing circuit breaker Amperage
  • Supply lead gauge


  • Manufacturer
  • Mechanical or digital?
  • Condition and type of control cabling to tower
  • Relay panel
    • Nearby power disconnect?
    • Panel dimensions H x W (cabinet Depth)
      • Panel mounting bolt size, center to center dimensions
    • Rectifiers (DC pulses) on clapper/hammer outputs?

Bell Equipment

Provide surveys for each bell with at least its diameter and mounting method (photos). Also provide recordings of each bell when possible.

Swinging bells

  • Bearing type on axles
  • Wheel materials and diameter
  • Existing motor
    • HP rating
    • RPM rating
    • Number of teeth on chain cog

Clappers and hammers

  • Internal or external to the bell
  • Mounting description
  • Solenoid/Magnet style
    • Coil DC resistance (if less than 35 Ohm, high current output option is required)