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AX virtual bell instruments

Advanced eXperience virtual bell instruments represent the leading edge of bell ringing technology.

Compelling features

Remarkable realism

A quality bell has been a difficult instrument to reproduce accurately with any recording technology. Standing next to a bell, one experiences a dynamic range from deafening to less than a whisper. Even the best digital recordings from as near as ten years ago would not satisfy our ears. With a large bell, it may take individual harmonic partials hundreds of seconds to decay away. Earlier technology carillons betray their low fidelity by fading out 10-20 seconds after the last note of a song.

Advanced eXperience systems now provide bell samples captured and reproduced with truly high definition audio technology for breathtaking realism. Bells can finally come alive and sing. To reproduce this realism from your tower, we combine Advanced eXperience virtual bell instruments with another recent development. Our inSpire audio systems feature not only the time tested long-throw horns that can be heard at a distance, but also high fidelity weather resistant full range and subsonic drivers. Intelligent amplifiers are programmed to provide each driver and horn with its ideal frequencies and combines them into a well balanced cluster that carries for a distance, but sounds real yet not too loud up close.

Color touch screen

We have invested significant effort to develop an easy user interface that you may only encounter once when you receive your system. A guided setup process offers plain language steps that configures your system according to your liturgical tradition and ringing needs. The set-it-and-forget-it quick start configures the SmartAlmanac™ to insure that appropriate music will always play, and automatically change as seasons change as you follow the liturgical calendar, including movable dates like Easter.

Large colorful touch screen buttons allow you to quickly access any feature you need, not only to schedule automatic ringing, but to manually ring special occasions. Customize your home screen to provide only the ringing you need.

Easy remote control

Five quick steps will install a remote control app on your phone that has the same home menu as you configure for the front panel screen. Login, tap Remote on the screen, verify login then scan a QR code with your phone. You now have remote control of your ringing system and can add it to your phone's home screen. It is that simple. You do not have to download anything from an app store. You do not have to login to the app. Everything needed for secure control is provided within the QR code.

Management portal

Chime Center management portal will provide

  • Multiple user management and home screen customization
  • SmartAlmanac seasonal additions and customization
  • Music librarian
  • Backups and Updates

Virtual bell instruments

These new instruments are now shipping from the Chime Master virtual bell foundry!

Platinum Advanced eXperience

Tower bell controls

Libertas Advanced eXperience

  • aka Libertas AX