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Chime Master® Advanced eXperience (AX) Bell ringing control firmware
Chime Master® Chime.Center remote control and management portal
Copyright © 2014-2023, Chime Master Systems, Lancaster Ohio USA


Tap Settings, then About from the home screen to see what firmware version your ringing system is running.

To update your ringing system, make sure it is connected to the Internet. Call us to let us know it is online so we can schedule an update session.

Update Instructions


January 29-31, 2024

  • Migration of all systems to new Chime Center servers for improved security and reliability


January 26, 2023

  • Improved real time clock accuracy for non-connected systems
  • More date and time settings
    • DST start and end settings
    • NTP clock sync settings
    • Worldwide time zones
    • Improved tower clock hands settings screen
  • New Networking setup to select preferred WiFi signal with signal strength indication
  • Seasons can now extend beyond the new year by end date
  • Fixed issue when scheduling multiple annual/one time events
  • Fixed schedule timeline to accurately display upcoming suspended events
  • Fixed Full Harp keyboard setup


Released Fall 2022

  • Front screen display informs of update in progress
  • Almanac updates
    • Fix Advent start algorithm (for 2022 and similar years)
    • The Good Friday (no music) season begins 4PM of Maunday Thursday
    • New Seasons
      • Palm Sunday for all churches
      • Epiphany for churches that end Christmas on Jan 6
  • Easier update to iOS remote control by tapping version number at the bottom of the screen
    • Also loads new buttons after customization
  • More icons and improved color palatte for custom buttons
  • Bug fixes for clock display and Midnight time strikes
  • Security updates
  • Chime Center required to configure these new features
    • Quick function buttons
      • can have counted selection repeats
      • can have quiet volume (Platinum also allows boost)
    • Scheduling
      • Automation suspend scheduling for special events (annual/once)
      • Scheduled volume changes
    • Keyboard setup screen has MIDI input monitor to show what notes and channels are coming in


Summer 2022

  • 2022 model year hardware drivers
  • Almanac seasonal changes no longer constrained to midnight, the day of the change
  • Monitor speaker amplifier turns off in standby mode
  • Improved tower bell and clock signaling
    • Systems online with connected tower bells updated July 28, 2022


Spring 2022

  • Video help QR links on each page's help button
  • Improved instrument icons on keyboard page
  • Redesigned network settings page
    • Improved network performance through filtered DNS
  • More time zones and improved manual time setting
    • Advanced networking for static IP
  • Date and Time setup page reworked


1.4.10 - Winter 2021
  • More responsive after making changes to settings that do not affect schedule
  • Touch sensitivity adjustment added to keyboard setup page (also available on chime.center)
  • Schedule review is easier to read
  • Bell controller minor fixes
1.4.9 - Summer 2021

Note: The system will no longer suspend the automatic schedule after you select a manual selection and before you tap the Yes to confirm play. Use the new home screen Suspend Schedule button to hold the schedule until after your special event (available since 1.4.8 and described below).

  • Replaced login page background animation with Internet Connected icon in upper right corner. Check mark = Connected, x = No Connection.
  • Improved schedule review screens
  • More flexibility in Angelus settings
  • Faster database processing after making schedule changes
1.4.8 - Early 2021
  • Suspend automatic schedule status button available for home screen
  • Chime.Center Premium support for customized ringing
  • Chime.Center Premium support for complex scheduling (enabled upon user request)
  • Special characters all included now on screen keyboard for entering Wi-Fi passwords
  • Audio driver improvements
  • Libertas title library instrument size awareness
  • Improved performance when not Internet connected (Access Point is turned on)
  • Fixed the Angelus scheduling screen for editing existing schedules
  • Reliability and security updates
1.4.6 - Winter 2020
  • Accepts blank Wi-Fi password
  • Connection stability and recovery
  • Fixed Bravo and Millennium music arrangement preferences
1.4.4 - Fall 2020
1.4.0 - Summer 2020
  • Initial release for Bravo and Millennium Advanced eXperience systems
  • Model name is displayed at the top of the log in screen
  • Users without scheduling permissions can review the time strike schedule
  • Tap the top right status icon for text player (what is playing) and amplifier/zone status
  • Finalized firmware support for Chime.Center management
    • Animated constellation background on login screen indicates Chime.Center connectivity
  • Added Play Selection functionality to the remote control including title lookup
  • Monthly scheduling differentiates between Fifth and Final weekdays of the month
  • Angelus scheduling screen shows current Angelus schedule
  • Improved home screen customization
  • Additional and improved help pages (tap blue i button to access)
1.2.0 - Spring 2020
  • Faster home screen login
  • Simplified Time Strike scheduling page
  • Suspend Automation for up to an hour when queuing manual selections
  • More accurate alert when stopping pealing or swinging bells from front of system
  • Improved selection title search
  • Improved toolbar mute button
  • Current Smart Almanac season now displayed on lock screen and About page
  • Improved status toolbar icon
  • Performance update on Keyboard page
  • Resolved volume control issue
  • Aesthetic experience improvements
  • Improved performance and functionality of pages
    • Keyboard Performance
    • Customize Home
    • Factory Reset
  • Timeline page has been reorganized for easier review
  • Angelus Configuration
  • Keyboard Performance page added to remote app
1.1.0 - Winter 2020
  • Time strike Scheduling
  • Easier wireless network setup
  • Improved Remote
  • Usability and layout improvements
1.0.0 - Summer 2019

Initial release for Platinum Advanced eXperience


Chime Master acknowledges third-parties whose software has been used in permissible forms with Chime Master products. Chime Master provides links to this third-party code "AS IS" without warranty of any kind and without any support. Use of the third-party code identified below is at your sole risk. All development, system administration and update deployments are performed in-house by Chime Master experts.


Homepage: github.com/epoberezkin/ajv
Copyright: Copyright (c) 2015 Evgeny Poberezkin
License: MIT
Purpose: JSON Schema Validator
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Copyright: Copyright (c) Sindre Sorhus
License: MIT
Purpose: Move array items
Homepage: github.com/slorber/awesome-debounce-promise
Copyright: Copyright (c) Sébastien Lorber
License: MIT
Purpose: Debounce requests
BASS (NOT Free or Open Source)
Homepage: un4seen.com
Copyright: Copyright © 2003-2019 un4seen developments. All rights reserved.
License: Paid Unlimited Commercial License for Linux ARM64 Platform
Purpose: Audio and MIDI libraries
Homepage: getbootstrap.com
Copyright: (c) 2011-2021 Twitter, Inc. & (c) 2011-2021 The Bootstrap Authors
License: MIT
Purpose: Component library
Homepage: chromium.org
Copyright: Copyright 2015 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
License: Portions BSD, MIT, *LGPL, MS-PL, MPL+GPL+LGPL tri-licensed
Purpose: Display rendering
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Copyright: dbus.freedesktop.org/doc/AUTHORS
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Purpose: Server
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License: MIT
Purpose: Node's event emitter for all engines.
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Linux Libertine G fontface
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QR Code
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Roboto fontface
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The Linux Kernel
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Ubuntu Server
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