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== Revisions ==
== Revisions ==
=== Update 1.4.0 ===
=== Update 1.4.0 ===
Initial release for Bravo and Millennium Advanced eXperience systems
Initial release for [[Advanced_eXperience#Available_Models|Bravo and Millennium]] Advanced eXperience systems
* Users without scheduling permissions can review the time strike schedule
* Users without scheduling permissions can review the time strike schedule

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Chime Master Advanced eXperience (AX) Bell Ringing Control Firmware
Copyright © 2014-2020, Chime Master Systems, Lancaster Ohio


Update 1.4.0

Initial release for Bravo and Millennium Advanced eXperience systems

  • Users without scheduling permissions can review the time strike schedule

Update 1.3.0

  • Finalized firmware support for Chime Center management
    • Animated constellation background on login screen indicates Chime Center connectivity
  • Added Play Selection functionality to the remote control including title lookup
  • Monthly scheduling differentiates between Fifth and Final weekdays of the month
  • Angelus scheduling screen shows current Angelus schedule
  • Improved home screen customization
  • Additional and improved help pages (tap blue i button to access)

Update 1.2.0

  • Faster home screen login
  • Simplified Time Strike scheduling page
  • Suspend Automation for up to an hour when queuing manual selections
  • More accurate alert when stopping pealing or swinging bells from front of system
  • Improved selection title search
  • Improved toolbar mute button
  • Current Smart Almanac season now displayed on lock screen and About page

Update 1.1.4

  • Improved status toolbar icon
  • Performance update on Keyboard page
  • Resolved volume control issue

Update 1.1.2

  • Aesthetic experience improvements

Update 1.1.1

  • Improved performance and functionality of pages
    • Keyboard Performance
    • Customize Home
    • Factory Reset
  • Timeline page has been reorganized for easier review
  • Angelus Configuration
  • Keyboard Performance page added to remote app

Update 1.1.0

  • Time strike Scheduling
  • Easier wireless network setup
  • Improved Remote
  • Usability and layout improvements

Release 1.0.0

Initial release for Platinum Advanced eXperience


Chime Master acknowledges third-parties whose software has been used in permissible forms with Chime Master products. Chime Master provides links to this third-party code "AS IS" without warranty of any kind and without any support. Use of the third-party code identified below is at your sole risk. All development, system administration and update deployments are performed in-house by Chime Master experts.


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