Advanced User Downloads

Unless you have been directed to download and use these files, please call for clarification before installing.

Because Microsoft browsers don't handle non-text file downloading very well, we recommend either using Chrome or Firefox to download these files.

Management Suite

Management Suite Version 5.0.7 with 0118 firmware Complete download. This software installs the Lite version and can be upgraded with your License number.

The Management Suite download includes the current release of firmware, 0118 for 2200 series carillons (and 0117 for 2100 series).


If you already have version 5.0.7 Management Suite installed you can download the latest firmware for your system.

Determine your system's model number on the Management Suite Main Menu by looking at the top of the sidebar for an M: followed by four digits. Select one of the directories below with the first two digits you need, then download the file that begins with all four digits of your model number.

After downloading the 'fir' firmware file, open the Update Firmware screen in Management Suite. Click the large Update Firmware button and when the File Explorer window opens, drag the downloaded fir file into it, select the fir file and click Open.

Music libraries and catalogs

To load a new library to replace the one you have, start in the Management Suite software. Click, Update Library then click the button reading, Update Library. If the library you want isn't in the new folder, find the correct library (and voice if applicable) below and drag it into the new folder opened by Management Suite. Once the library is there to select in Management Suite, do so and continue downloading the new library as prompted.

Millennium and Platinum title catalogs

Call us for a title catalog file you can load with Management Suite.

Options include:

  • Standard library for Mainline Catholic and Protestant
  • Protestant Title Catalog with Evangelical and Gospel music
  • General Title Catalog with Popular, Classical and a few favorite hymns
  • All (kitchen sink) library (without Ethnic specials)
  • Ethnic plus All Title Catalog all English titles plus Greek, Spanish, Ukrainian and Polish titles (aka Kitchen Sink Library)

Six-SS title catalogs

You can download and install expanded title catalogs for Six-SS carillons using the Management Suite Update Library utility. You must determine if your system has a 'B' (Cast Bronze) or 'C' (Chime and Harp) library before downloading and installing.

Six-SS (Running 22SD Firmware) Title files
Library Name for Chime and Harp for Cast Bronze
Standard (Mainline) SSC-STD SSB-STD
Protestant (includes Gospel) SSC-PRT SSB-PRT
General (Popular, Classical, Favorite Hymns) SSC-GEN SSB-GEN
Standard plus Ethnic SSC-ETH SSB-ETH


You need to know which model your controller is in order to obtain and load a compatible library. The Management Suite will display the Model in the top right Details panel of the main menu beside 'M:' Use the Management Suite Update Library utility to install these libraries.

Millennium and Platinum - All available music (English, no options):

Libertas Bell Controls - Liturgical Bell Ringing (no music)

0916 updates include corrected pause timing (0071-0080), additional Angelus sequences and counted simulated swinging bells.

    Complete 2206 selection listing (pdf)
  • 2206 - Single Bell Libertas (New/no keylock) - s22060916
  • 2206 - Multiple Bell Libertas (New/no keylock) - m22061218
  • 2106 - Single Bell Controller (Gen 1 with keylock) - s21060916
  • 2106 - Multiple Bell Controller (Gen 1 with keylock) - m21060916

Sample random music (group nine) files

Load these files into the Management Suite Music Librarian, then you can add or delete from each season's random play list. Schedule "Grp9" to play from this list to replace "Grp3," the factory random play list (not editable).

Download archive file containing:
  • B-Episcopal.ugp Episcopal hymns on full carillon voice
  • C-Episcopal.ugp Episcopal hymns on chime and harp voice
  • C-FamiliarHymns.ugp Familiar hymns on chime and harp voice
  • C-Lutheran.ugp Lutheran hymns on chime and harp voice
  • BC-MillenniumMeditative.ugp Meditative hymns on Millennium mixed voices
  • B-MillenniumWedding.ugp Wedding music on Millennium full carillon voice
Download Six-SS Ethnic archive file containing:
  • SSB-GUP-0611.ugp Greek+Ukranian+Polish hymns
  • SSC-HSP-0911.ugp Spanish hymns
  • SSC-POL-0611.ugp Polish hymns
  • SS-GRK-0611.ugp Greek hymns

Management and App extras

IMPORTANT: None of the following downloads apply to new Advanced eXperience touchscreen Systems! For remote control of our latest models, see Remote Control AX.

Sample annual events schedules

Download containing Management Suite annual schedules for Carillon or Chime music.

Mobile App

The mobile church bell remote app is available in the Google Play and Apple App Store.

If your Android mobile device does not have access to Google Play (Kindle Fire tablets and phones), download the Remote APK and follow installation instructions on our help page.

Download Chime Master carillon catalog


If clicking on the file doesn't start your download, try right-clicking and select "Save File As..."

If you experience any difficulty downloading and getting these files to work, call us toll free at 800.344.7464.